Remember LKFF 2017?

Remember there was an actress who featured in 4 – yes FOUR* – films of that year’s London Korean Film Festival??

* Technically 3 from that LKFF 2017, plus 1 which was a Teaser film screening in the build-up to that year’s festival – see here, in our INTERVIEW article with her:

Yes. Remember Kim Saebyuk???? Well, the fine actress was back again, in London along with yet another film in which she features!

Kim Saebyuk was not the only one who came to the UK last week. There was also Kim Bora, the director of the film in question, “House Of Hummingbird” (벌새 / Beol-sae)! And… There were others [crew; organizers] in attendance, to both present the film and answer questions afterwards.

However, the fact that an actress who featured in a previous London Korean Film Festival has also attended the latest BFI LFF is not the only reason for this article and indeed podcast. As you’ll hear, there is another way that the BFI LFF links into the LKFF!

Also discussed is the “House of Hummingbird” film itself, the forthcoming LKFF, past ones and more.

Take a listen to that podcast I [MMM] recorded to find out what all the fuss, which I seem to be making, is about!


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