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2020 was a VERY good year for Korea and Bong Joon-ho, & his team.  It was not only the first time a foreign film won Best Picture at the Oscars / Academy Awards but also the first Korean movie to win ANY award at this prestigious ceremony.

2021 has mini-mini-mirrored 2020 in some ways, at least when it came to this year’s BAFTA and OSCAR season, ceremony & Korean-ness!

You see, much of the world knows about “Parasite” and its many awards – not least almost a handful of Oscars – but one thing that film didn’t achieve was a recognition of acting or actors/actresses involved.

That’s where another one-worded film comes in, in 2021 and no prizes for providing MMM with the title of that film… “Minari”, of course.

Indeed, that actor I’m alluding to is not only Korean, and one who has starred in so many films, but also a woman – and it’s brilliant to see females getting ‘noticed’ for their roles and talent.  The lady we speak of, who one the Best Supporting Actress OSCAR is, of course Ms Yuh-jung Youn!

YOUN Yuh-Jung (윤여정) at @KCCUK in 2013 – Photo courtesy of KCCUK (Korean Cultural Centre, London) / London Korean Film Festival)
[Present in this picture is Mr HangulCelluloid undertaking a very special interview with Yuh-Jung Youn as well as putting questions to others – In addition to running our own websites, HangulCelluloid and MiniMiniMovie, plus a handful of other Korean/Asian related websites are also co-founders of the London Asian Film Society.  
Unfortunately, I had to fly over to Australia due to family reasons, meaning that I missed most of that London Korean Film Festival 2013.  In fact, the day after I left the UK and therefore [perhaps?] the day I arrived in Australia, I was scheduled to interview the one and only Kim Jee-woon. 
Sometimes life deals us some strange cards.  Incidentally, others I had requested to interview at that LKFF 2013 were:  Sol Kung-gu, Huh Jung, Son Hyun-joo, Kim Dong-ho, Kang Woo-suk, Kim Sung-soo and the cast & director involved with the film “Boomerang Family”, but alas, this may not have included Ms Yuh-Jung Youn anyway ㅠㅠ]

To top all that accolades information off, this award makes her the first Korean actor to be awarded with an Oscar.

Fans of Korean cinema will know that it could not have gone to a better artist.

Although “Minari” is not technically or actually a Korean film (although some would say that it practically is), the list of Korean ‘motion pictures’ in which Yuh-jung Youn has starred in is MASSIVE – and so many GOOD ones, especially considering that there were a couple of long periods of time when she had stepped away from acting for a while.

Also known as Yoon Yeo-jeong (or Yeo-jeong YOON and of course as 윤여정) – a fact which kind of touched on in at least one of her recent award speeches – the extensive list of films on which she’s worked includes many of Korean’s esteemed filmmakers.  As if this listing of movies wasn’t enough, she was also in just as many TV series, if not more!

Amongst those directors was the great great Kim Ki-young, the first she ever worked with [another fact mentioned in a speech or two by Yuh-jung] and that film is “Woman of Fire”, and therefore this kick-started her long filmic career.

Closely followed after that acting debut was “The Insect Woman” and here’s a review of that film by yours truly, here at MMM… and written almost a decade ago:

“THE INSECT WOMAN” (Chungyo / 충녀)

While we’re speaking of articles, and films concerning the wonderful Yuh-jung Youn there are quite a few such posts on this website which touch on films Ms Youn has starred in – however direct, indirect or even tenuous.

Still on that subject of postings, and following the review of that very early film of hers, I’ll add to that perhaps her most recent film & a review of that… which was recently screened as part of the London Korean Film Festival, and that being “Lucky Chan-sil”:

“LUCKY CHAN-SIL” (찬실이는 복도 많지) – REVIEW [a part of LKFF 2020]

That’s about all for now.

However, just like I did with my YouTube videos relating to Bong Joon-ho and “Parasite” [ article and videos link:  https://miniminimovie.com/2021/02/26/parasites-oscar-win-one-year-on-or-a-parasite-a-podcast-playlists/] I’ll end this mini article with a few videos posted on Mini Mini’s (aka Jason Verney’s) YouTube channel relating to Yuh-jung Youn’s award wins:


There’s a Playlist: