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FIRST ORBIT Still From & Still Visiting Space... since Yuri Gagarin - Music.

Film:  First Orbit

Year:  2011

Director/Writer:  Christopher Riley

Venue: UCL, London

Part of a global premiere with screenings in over 50 countries

Produced by:  The Attic Room Limited


Yuri Gagarin





… & basically, a cast of a zillion+ stars… literally.

Running time:  108 minutes

Further Info:

UK Release Date:  23rd May 2011

Official Site:



FIRST ORBIT Still From & Still Visiting Space... since Yuri Gagarin / MOON / STARS

Not really an advance screening or a preview but a different event all the same.

I almost Orbited all of the Uni – no of course I didn’t… although I did walk a long way out of the University for a coffee (in the lower floor of a Waterstones book store!)

The screen was a TV one but much larger than mine… But not a cinema screen… What was I expecting from this venue? Too much, that’s what.

Here I was, in the UCL, Euston Square to see something I could see (legally) for free on the Internet.  But I’m glad I did – thank you hindsight.

We’re introduced to the Russian ‘star’, Yuri Gagarin – not literally… he’s no longer with us – by way of words he announces to the world, on this day [12th April], 1961.  Wow, this all happened within a decade of my arrival on this planet – yep, the secret’s out now or am I lying about my age?

FIRST ORBIT Still From & Still Visiting Space... since Yuri Gagarin - FIFTY AGAIN

We’re soon up in space with appropriate music in our ears.  Music consisting of piano and later on strings & more.  Sublime combination it was.  Its an astounding sight.  The brand new footage indeed looks beautiful and even though when interspersed with original archive shots you still have to marvel at it… I mean, this was the first manned spacecraft, all those years ago.

Yuri is heard uttering the same words many, many times… “I’m feeling great.” and “I’m continuing”.  The latter making me chuckle to myself… did he have a choice whether he could continue or not?

The subtitles in this picture are pretty spot on.  Spot on in detail I mean… I’m not yet a master of all languages so I can’t confirm whether or not there is accurate translation there in those words.  They were so ‘spot on’ that I recall seeing even the smallest words, mutterings or sounds being translated as subtitles & worded detail.

It all adds realism, or understanding for us.  No more so was there a feel of realism than when we [about this craft] could see a large glimmer of the Sun in front of us.  Why?  A dodgy light sensor in this viewing auditorium caused the main light come up. It came on in this room, as the Sun fills the screen.  You couldn’t have planned it better.  It certainly woke me up a little.

FIRST ORBIT Still From & Still Visiting Space... Brightness Whiteness

And from the blazing but (black &) mainly whiteness of the sun to stars.  In particular one star.  I can honestly (and I guess, understandably) can say that I’ve never seen a star up so close. Yes, a star twinkling like a faulty sensor light… What?  Did I mention the dodgy light? *wink* *wink*… *sigh*

Its interesting to see that some of the images which stay with you are ones featuring the Sun, Stars and, of course Space. However, there is also stunning imagery even when the sun or stars are reflecting off visors.

Visors to Visitor – Yuri is surely lucky to be the first such one to visit space and not only that, the first to Orbit it in such a way.  The look-out visors on display are not the only feature giving us brilliant and unique spacial images.  The circular main window which we look out in this craft, along with it’s oblong-come-rectangle windows around it contrast the forever moving cloud outside.  Its almost as if just like Yuri has descended so far above our water-filled & cloud-covered Earth, this windowed cockpit is like a mini rotating globe of it’s own.  The clouds do all the moving, seemingly.  In all it’s just pure blue and white.

FIRST ORBIT Still From & Still Visiting Space... since Yuri Gagarin - PLANET LONELY?

Whilst we’re stuck on this not-so-lonely planet, we’ve almost finished our journey orbiting the Globe.  Hey, perhaps this movie presentation therefore was ‘Global’ in more than one way.

We’re almost home or at least closer to landing, and so are my eyelids at this point.  The coffee is long forgotten.  But, truthfully at this point we’re not wanting a pick-me-up at this moment… No… Just Yuri, all we really need is a to ‘come-down’.

Yuri, I and the remaining members of the audience have now witnessed the full orbit of that first, ground-breaking event. We’ve almost circumnavigated every area of space, or at least that’s how it feels.

So, it was now time to make my own circumnavigation of this venue, but essentially as minimally as possible.  In fact, all that weightlessness & what would ultimately be a smooth landing had left me wanting to float down from this 4th floor to it’s lower reaches, where I’d begun my ascent.

FIRST ORBIT Still From & Still Visiting Space... since Yuri Gagarin - University

The latter made me wonder if the production company had just coincidentally been named “The Attic Room Limited” or whether there were more mysterious forces at work.

If my descriptions are a tad confusing I hope you can see my comparisons should you be lucky enough to witness this spectacle.  After all, Seeing Is Believing.

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Also, if you liked First Orbit, a new film – “Orbit” – is due for release.  A mini hint…:

“Since Yuri’s pioneering flight 50 years ago some 500 people have followed him into Earth orbit from more than 35 countires; divided by nationality, culture and religion but united by one overwhelming experience; a chance to orbit their home planet…”

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