Film Reviews Without The Spoilers – Lighthearted & Honest

Minimission Statement

First Things First…A Note To Myself (ok, and you guys).

In a listing not too dissimilar to that monologue in Fight Club…:

“I do not talk about film plots.
I do not use spoilers in abundance.
This is not to be taken too seriously.
These are written with much lightheartedness”.*

*One reason for this is that I like reviews to last and entertain long after a film has been released. The movie reviewing world is a fickle, fleeting and oft forgotten one. It does not have to be this way.

Finally, I go into many of the movies blind – not literally – and I want you to experience a movie for what it is. In this hi-tech age it’s tough to avoid trailers, clips, in-depth reviews and analysation. The internet, TV, magazines and even cinemas themselves give away the game – even reading the reverse of a DVD case can give away the turning points in a film so you end up knowing when and how a film changes.

Lastly, music in a motion picture – music videos and songs from films give much away about the picture. I like to be surprised when I hear a tune set to imagery for the first time, in whatever film. If I know there is a song ‘recently released’ it puts me off the film. I don’t necessarily want to know the film’s style, musically or otherwise.

And so, why Mini? I hope all the latter explains why less is indeed more – and a small amount of less is rather Mini.

For enquiries relating to reviews, potential interviews or anything film related please feel free to contact Mini Mini Manor at:

All the best to one & all…


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