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E J-yong is known for his eclectic film-making styles and genres.  Every film he makes is as different and diverse as it can be from the one before.  You only have to look at the following 4 titles to see the diversity:  “An Affair”; “Dasepo Naughty Girls”; “Untold Scandal”; “Actresses”.  It was therefore perhaps ironic that the events of this particular day turned out to be a little different and diversified themselves.

Ultimately, what occurred was a group interview rather than a one-on-one… errr… one.

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 E J-YONG Interview

Another unexpected event that day was non-exposure of a photograph of Mr E J-yong.  Instead, I snapped him following the film screening of “Actresses”, before speaking to him about interviewing him in the future… to which he agreed.

Famous Korean Directors

Incidentally, the aforementioned ‘snap’ (above) shows E J-yong talking to co-author of the very popular book “New Korean Cinema”, Chi-Yun Shin.  Just like E J-yong displayed in the recent Q & A, Ms Chi-Yun Shin also came across to MiniMiniMovies as a very pleasant, and of course knowledgable individual.

KCC Korean Cultural Centre Lee Myung-se Korea Nowhere To Hide M Duelist Gagman Love Bitter Sweet Asian


First and Foremost [although almost Last in this article!], many thanks again to the Korean Cultural Centre, London for arranging this interview and allowing it to take place.


But… The fun is not over yet!  Keep an eye out, and continue to regularly check out the Korean Cultural Centre’s homepage.  For what?

Perhaps this – found on their website – will (hugely) hint at what this year holds for us…: