[Review/P-review Working Title – “You’d Be (Chinese) Crackers To Miss This One”]

Brenda Lee's Fortune Cookies

Elstree Studios Film

Film:  Fortune Cookies

Year:  2012 / TBA

Director:  Brenda Lee

Venue:  Mini Mini Manor


(See vast cast list below)

Chinese Les Dennis
Les is More? This could very well be a scene from the movie...

I have a radar, and so do you.  Well, something has come across mine…

Independent, unusual and interesting films are my forte these days.  And… If the film has an Asian connection then I’m 100% listening to what it has to say.

That doesn’t automatically mean that I’ll like such a film or indeed feel strongly towards it, but on this occasion it does.

“Fortune Cookies” is a comedy movie in which you can see a lot of time producing, arranging and all-round trying-to-get-it-off-the-ground has been put into it by writer-director, Brenda Lee & others.

I felt strongly enough towards this project that I decided to be one of it’s backers and help fund it.

To elaborate a tad more about the film’s story, here is some information regarding this potential hit.

First… a tagline perhaps…?

Family vs Ambition. Love vs Duty. Chekhov vs Chicken Feet?”

Fortune Cookies is a quirky British comedy centred around the heart of a Chinese family, where tradition and modernity clash. While the eccentric family may not always see eye to eye, they know they will always have each other. (Probably because no-one else would put up with them.)

Susan Lee is troubled. She dreams of being an actress, while her family dream of appearing on their favourite gameshow Les Dennis’Fame to Fortune. So what should Susan do when the Lees win an opportunity to appear on the show – their only chance to save their takeaway from loansharks – on the same night as her stage debut?

This film is about family, love and the important choices we make. Throw in fried rice, fish and chips, and a TV gameshow and you have the perfect ingredients for a night at the cinema.


The film is set to star the following artists [shown above]…:

Elaine Tan (Starter for 10)

Meline Danielewicz (The Tempest Theatre Royal Haymarket)

David Yip (The Chinese Detective)

Pik Sen Lim (Doctor Who)

Jason Wong (Missing)

Les Dennis (Ricky Gervais’ Extras).

David Tse (Spooks)

Liz Sutherland (Ideal)

Ozzie Yue (Father Ted)

Lynsey Pow (Secret Diary of a Call Girl)

Steve Ryland (Faintheart)

Liam Bewley (Campus)

Matthew Ashforde (Green Wing)

Lucas Hare (Learners)

A few comedy heroes of mine are here and a star of one of my mother’s favourite programmes a few years back!  Really?  A clue?  ‘Yip’… I mean, “Yep!”  This project or indeed, film really does seem too good to be true.  However, if you think this is all false take a look here:  


+  Les Dennis shows his support:


Although, as anyone connected to film will tell you… Anything can happen between conception and production & even from production and those words, “It’s a wrap!”.

Not only this, there is a social cause involved in the making of this movie . . .


So, if you’d like to support this interesting and different project in some way or another please do so.


That is all… I’m off to go eat… Asian-style!