Should we expect Lights and Brights?

Good question, if I do say so myself but…

In between polishing a mini handful of reviews from the recent and very succesful London Korean Film Festival & of course working on my forthcoming dOKumENtARy, I was made aware of this little ‘colourful’ event.

As you’ll see from the below Press Release, it’s not just performances which are expected to be colourful in themselves but the subject matter itself.

Personally these traditional Korean colours, plus their meanings fascinate me.  In fact, throughout my recent trip to South Korea their importance was even more obvious.

So… Please try and catch this special, unique & FREE event if you can.  I’m sure it will ‘paint’ a great picture of South Korea and a hint of its heritage & BRIGHTen up one’s evening – I truly expect it to be both DeLIGHTful and EnLIGHTening.

PRESS Release:

An Exhibition & Performance by The Korean Artists Association UK



Korean Cultural Centre UK

28th Nov. – 4th Dec.

(Preview: Wed. 28th Nov 2012 6.30 – 8.30 pm)

Performance 7.30 – 8.00 pm

The Korean Artists Association UK (KAAUK) is delighted to present Obangsaek at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

Obangsaek refers to the five traditional Korean colours of blue, red, yellow, black and white. These symbolize: tree, fire, iron/gold, water and earth respectively, associations which percolate deeply through Korean culture.

The UK based Korean Artists of KAA here explore Obangsaek through visual arts, music, dance and performance.

Visual artists present diverse media; painting, sculpture, illustration, video, photography and installation.

Music is performed on the keyboard, kayagum, flute and traditional percussion instruments (kanggwari, jang-go, jing, and buk). The main rhythmical pattern is the traditional chil-chae in which percussion holds a complex rhythmical structure in four long sections while other instruments improvise.

The dance performance, Bridging Colours, brings out the relationships of the five colours to the seasons and the elements.

Exhibition: Soon Yul Kang, Bada Song, Jean Kim, Young-shin Kim, Kihyun Kim, Miso Park, Sunju Park, Eunjung Feleppa, Sooyung Lee, Hyunseok Lee, Eunmi Li, Enya Elswood, Jeesun Hwang, Joohee Chun, Kitty Jun-im, Dean Shim, Tae Hyung Kim

Performance: Jieun Jung, Sabrina S.D.H.Y Park Kim, Jee Soo Shin, Jeunghyun Choi, Ae Jin Han, Seyoung Jeong, Yong Min Cho, Woojae Jung (stage manager)

Guest Musician: Gina Ha-Gorlin (Korean percussion), Jin Kyung Park (Flute)

Guest Performers: Dance Department, University of Roehampton

Supported by

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, The Korean Cultural Centre , Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Company, The Anglo-Korean Society, The Dance Department of the University of Roehampton


Lastly, the marvellous and both indicative & provocative promotional film (and thanks to London Korean Links for the heads-up)…: