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Fans, or the odd flirter of this site will surely know of the love and support held for Terracotta Distribution. Not only is our admiration for the titles released, festivals held, unique-to UK Special Edition items and indeed affordably priced goods, they also hold the odd – or not so ‘odd’ – one-off events.

The below, exciting news is no exception. It seems that the guys at Terracotta are never satisfied with having enough on their plate.  They always want more… or rather, they always want to ‘give’ more!

Terracotta seem to give so much to the Asian-cinema-hungry audience, whilst asking for very little in return. What is not mentioned in the below Press Release and accompanying information is Terracotta’s marketing skills and event programming.

As an example of events, the guys at Terracotta hold a monthly, or bi-monthly ‘Secret’ Asian Movie Meet-up – which is usually in conjunction with that other reputable distributor, Third Window Films. These events often show the audience a yet-to-be-released Asian film, or one of their favourites – therefore, these occasions can be an exciting affair, with the audience being both surprised and often given an ‘exclusive’ screening. Speaking from experience, these nights – although sometimes weekend afternoons – are a lot of fun, where one can drink, chat and of course WATCH!

Again, Terracotta Distribution [along with Third Window Films] pull out all the stops and usually make this a FREE event!

On the subject of marketing, they recently set-up the ingeniously titled sub-label is Terror-cotta. No prizes for guessing what movie genre that specialises in.

That’s enough of the TERRACOTTA STORY, and onwards with POLICE STORY.


Press Release

‘Terracotta Film Club’ starts at the Prince Charles Cinema in January

Terracotta Distribution will launch a monthly film screening residency at the legendary cult Prince Charles Cinema, London, in January 2013 with POLICE STORY.

Asian Film

“Terracotta Film Club” aims to keep Asian films in cinemas, via showing a mix of both classics and new releases, and to introduce the next generation of film fans to Asian cinema.

Thought of by Jackie Chan himself as his greatest achievement, the 1985, POLICE STORY also stars iconic actresses Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin.

Terracotta are very pleased to be showing Asian films regularly, right in the heart of London.

Gregory Lynn of the Prince Charles Cinema says: “Given the wealth of knowledge the people behind Terracotta Distribution have when it comes to cinema from the Far East, we couldn’t think of a better group of people to bring more of it to our screen. Over the years they’ve presented many mind-blowing new releases to our screen at their annual Film Festival and the thought of them bringing some much-loved classics back to the big-screen is one which has the entire team here very excited.”

POLICE STORY synopsis:

POLICE STORY is a fast paced and funny action flick sees Jackie Chan as an idealistic cop crowned the best of the best by Hong Kong’s top brass. He soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law when a vengeful drug lord frames him for the murder of a fellow cop. All Jackie has is his fists and feet to battle through the throngs of underworld thugs climaxing in one of Hong Kong’s most exhilarating sequences.

* Wednesday 30th January at 9pm *

* Wednesday 27th February TBC *

Ticket price: £ 6.50 (Prince Charles cinema members £ 4.00).

Click Here for:  Details, Booking and Trailer!

Thanks to Eone and Showbox UK for providing POLICE STORY.

About Terracotta

Committed to bringing quality and entertaining Far East films to the UK.

Releases by Terracotta Distribution include the multi-award winning Breathless directed by Yang Ik-june, Johnnie To’s Sparrow and just released Kim Ki-duk debut movie Crocodile with his documentary Arirang. A newly launched imprint label TERROR-COTTA will be devoted to Asian horror and thrillers.


Terracotta also run the Terracotta Far East Film Festival, an annual event aiming to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK. This year’s 4th edition ran from 12th-15th April 2012 with 5 European premieres incl. the new animated work from legendary Studio Ghibli. From comedy to drama to horror and everything in between, exclusive cast and crew Q&As, intro’s, masterclasses and parties. Terracotta Festival touring edition started in September with 5 films in the line-up.


About Prince Charles Cinema

From cult festivals to the latest box office hits, the Prince Charles Cinema is the heart of independent film in London. The Prince Charles Cinema is located at 7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY.







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“Virally Vended”

Further details of Terracotta Distribution – the company behind the Terracotta Far East Film Festival & Terracotta Touring Festival – and that other Asian film favourite, Third Window Films are below.  However, before you rush to clickety-click-away I’d like to use this space to mention the mindless riots experienced here in the UK in 2011.  Did you know that these riots caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages and loss to our favourite independent film distributors? These are, essentially… Arrow Films, Artifical Eye, The BFI, Crabtree Films, Cine-Asia, Dogwoof Films, Exposure Cinema, Eureka, Kaleidoscope Films, Left Films, Masters of Cinema, Metrodome Films, New Wave Films, Peccadillo Pictures, Revolver Entertainment, Showbox Home Entertainment, Terracotta, Third Window Films and Warp Films.

So, with the latter in mind it is even more important to spread the word, virally about these unfortunate vendors. On that note I leave you with these links… all which will, in some way assist in keeping such films to be distributed here in the so-called land of milk & honey.






Thanks for your support… in every way.

See You Later, L’asia.