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With a catalogue of short films behind him, Mr Lee Yoon-ki went on to receive a load of admiration and critical acclaim for his first feature-length film, “This Charming Girl”.  Continuing to bring something new to audiences he further received acclaim for future projects, to name both “Ad-lib Night” and “My Dear Enemy” for starters.  Mr Lee’s latest offering, “Come Rain, Come Shine” was the main reason for his presence in London on this day in Autumn 2012.

As Mr Lee Yoon-ki sat down to chat we just knew we were going to “Love Talk”-ing to him.


Ultimately, what occurred was a group interview, including Mini Mini rather than a one-on-one chat. With this in mind please join me in giving thanks to the following:







Dr Colette Bailman  –  Whom can also be found writing at:


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 “LEE YOON-KI Interview

After the film itself followed an interesting Q & A session with Mr Lee Yoon-ki, Professor Jinhee Choi, marvellous translator, Sae and of course, the audience.  Next?  In the foyer there was banter, photos, autographs and more.

Earlier in 2012, another film, “Always” [by Song Il-gon] marked the 100th film night from the lovely guys over at the Korean Cultural Centre, London.

Photos of that evening can be found here – including ones of the 100th Film Night cake! – so please enjoy looking at them:

Mini Mini Movie’s “100th Film Night by the Korean Cultural Centre, London” Flickr Photo Selection

Please join me in congratulating this Korean Cultural Centre on reaching this number [and since taking this number even higher], & therefore marking a seminal point in the job they do to promote or re-ignite peoples’ love for Korean film-making.

KCC Korean Cultural Centre Lee Myung-se Korea Nowhere To Hide M Duelist Gagman Love Bitter Sweet Asian

Many thanks again to the Korean Cultural Centre, London for arranging this interview and allowing it to take place.


But… The fun is not over yet!  Keep an eye out, and continue to regularly check out the Korean Cultural Centre’s homepage.  For what?

Perhaps this – found on their website – will (hugely) hint at what this year holds for us…: