Today, it’s the 14th of November.

So what…?!  (Especially when the picture above focuses on November 15th!)

AHN SUNG-KI in London

Let me continue…

The 14th of November holds more than one important fact, and now the ’14th of November, 2014′ holds even more.

Right, I’ve continued – and will ‘continue to continue’ – but now to explain and elaborate.

Firstly, for those which know already or perhaps have guessed from posts made over at my sister-project’s platforms – namely Facebook (SouthKoreaDocumentary) and Twitter (@_dOKumENtARy) – the Korean documentary I’ve in the process of putting together centres loosely around the Number 14. But for those whom don’t or hadn’t guessed… well, you should know a little now.

Secondly, the 14th of each month of the year, for Koreans – definitely the younger generation anyway – has a certain meaning.  Today [November’s] being MOVIE DAY.

Even with today being the 14th of ‘any’ month and having the news and certain event both on this day, it’s coincidence enough.  But to add to that, and it being the aforementioned ‘MOVIE DAY’ the news I speak of and the event later today are both MOVIE related.

I’ll start with the Jung Woo-sung event, and he being someone I very, very nearly met at one of many Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) parties – indeed, I’d been standing only feet from him but the chance didn’t happen.  Partly my fault, I guess.  Such a shame, especially as he’s involved with the crowd-funding project by  Yoon Jung Lee which I (and others of you out there) helped to finance.  I also captured footage of him arriving on the Red Carpet in Korea but [how crazy, I know] I forget if it was Busan or at the Jeonju International Film Festival… Anyway, enough of the Korean film festival name-dropping.

Whether I, or you meet him tonight or have met him in the past, the ‘main event’ concerned tonight is the screening of his “Cold Eyes” film, coupled with “The Killer Behind, the Old Man” (directed by ‘the Young Man’ himself, Mr Jung Woo-sung) as well as a Q & A.  Therefore, if you don’t meet, or haven’t had a chance to, there is indeed an opportunity to ask him a question.

However, the news item today which prompted MiniMini to write this article is an ‘invitation to interview’ [an ‘intervation’?! *sigh*, *psy* or simply *why*?!] the Korean screen-legend that is Mr Ahn Sung-ki.  I wasn’t quite expecting that, but was ‘hoping’ for that. Again, this was an actor I’d seen at a BIFF party, alongside Mr Im Kwon-taek – his occasional collaborator – but not had the chance to chat to.

Indeed, you can see the connection with the 14th now, can’t you?

Anyhow, not only will MiniMini have the chance to ask Ahn Sung-ki a question or two, but so will you… in the Q & A which accompanies the Closing Night Gala screening of “Revivre”, on the 15th November, 2014.  This truly is a remarkable, amazing and potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Hey, Mr Picture!  Thanks for reminding me what the almost subheading of this article is. It states ‘INTERVIEWS’ and if you don’t count the above link to the interview with Ms Yoon Jung Lee the plural of ‘interview(s)’ is surely false advertising!

Really?  No.

You see, although I was hoping to have a nice selection of interviews taking place at the time of this year’s London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) – in part due to the fact that family matters caused me to miss several in 2013’s LKFF – I did get lucky with two, and potentially three.

To explain… As well as the forthcoming Ahn Sung-ki interview I was also fortunate enough to do the same with Park Chan-wook’s artist-and-filmmaker brother, Mr Park Chan-kyong.  That interview will follow.

In addition to this, it’s looking likely that I’ll be interviewing Ms July Jung (“A Girl At My Door”) sometime in the not too distant future.

Alas, I’ve still had no luck with Mr Jung Woo-sung and a chat, interview or a coffee but who knows what the future may hold.

More coverage, transcribed interviews and film reviews to come so please feel free to keep checking or if you’re such a virtual-and-SNS-socialite – like most of us these days, it seems – there is always the alternative feed of:

I’ll leave you with a couple of reviews of films featuring legend Ahn Sung-ki – from his 50 year career:

Village In The Mist


See you!

안녕히 계세요!