More accurately, it’s “The Sun”.  However, let’s face it, whether you’re a sneaky peaker of either The Sun OR The Star newspapers you’ll surely agree that there’s money invested in those publications which could clearly be used better in other things. What things? Well, frankly ‘anything’ but I’ll leave the Press Politics there.

All the latter said, I did stumble across the #OccupyRupertMurdoch guys in front of Rupert Murdoch’s offices – the building next to The Shard, and known as the ‘Mini Shard’ – midweek last week… I’d heard about the movement but wasn’t entirely sure where this positive activism was happening.  I had actually just met someone from London Bridge Hospital, hence being in the area.  I did though, return to the area on Saturday for more Shenanigans, Shardanigans or SUNanigans.  This included catching brilliant broadcasters Max Keiser (not only doing a little of his great, political standup routine but giving out FREE [crypto] CASH too!) and Stacy Herbert.  Know them?  If not, look them up.

Anyhoooooo, the title of this article majorly alludes to a certain Mr Brand (@RustyRockets, to those in the Twitterverse). Why?  Well, love him or loathe him – and I’ll perhaps cover this in further detail at a later date – he’s someone I’ve connected with a couple of times or so in the past few months, not least a few times in the past week!  And… By connected, I mean listened closely to but also briefly chatted with.

It’s these encounters which then led to yours truly being heavily involved with a little film being made.  I say heavily, and by this I refer to the fact that I, and the filmmaking side of @MiniMiniMovies – that entity being production company, Native Nomad Pictures  – were / was / happened to be in the right place at the right time.  What occurred was what you see in the Mini Mini Montage Movie below.  I say ‘Mini’ but it’s actually pretty long.  This was necessary to convey the emotion, victory and general mood & feeling for those who couldn’t be at the unveiling event.

Lastly, and before the blurb from @NativeNomadPics / Jason Verney’s Vimeo channel, for details of how this ‘tearing down of The Sun signage’ got started and funded go right on over to:

It really is Crowdfunding with a difference – Fantastic Causes, Fun Conversations and even Free Cash [yep, the 3 FC’s].

Right, on with the show!  [Or should that be, “right on”?!]

“For all those who contributed to The Trews Awning Victory – and not forgetting the lovely owner, Mo’ – a Mo’numental Mo’ment Mo’ntage.

With a title alluding to days of the week (Sunday; Tuesday) the video tries say it all about this massive achievement and piece of history.

Dear Trewsers,

A little over 12 hours before Hoxton’s @TrewEraCafe was unveiled by Russell Brand the same occurred to the signage above Hoxton News. The banner, awning, stickers etc all carried the name, “The Trews” as you’ll clearly see in this video.

There was truly [or ‘trewly’] only one piece of music fitting for this cause and so one with both the words ‘Hallelujah’ – due to the celebratory event at hand – and ‘Messiah’, for reasons known to many of you, I’m sure.”


Not long after going to… errr… Press, this film was featured, amongst elsewhere, on the front page of Max Keiser’s website, (Direct Link:

In addition to this, and to fulfill the demand for such a unique film – at least in what it celebrates – a video was also made available on YouTube. The link, for your convenience is: