Fans of “GYEONGJU”, perhaps both the city in South Korea but more appropriately the film by the same name, by Mr Zhang Lu.  A couple of years ago, or so London – and indeed the London Korean Film Festival – had the pleasure of witnessing the film on the big screen.

The same is true for the big screen showing of his “A QUIET DREAM” (“춘몽”)… Yes, we had the pleasure of witnessing its UK Premiere just days ago, at the Regent Street Cinema, courtesy of the aforementioned London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) – well, it’s a kind of TEASER screening prior to the festival much later this year.

In this  podcast, I chat about those teaser screenings, the KCCUK / Korean Cultural Centre UK’s current year of FREE films and the LKFF.  Well, it’s the KCCUK who essentially run the LKFF.  In fact, one of the movies in the Korean Cultural Centre’s NEXT* and, of course FREE Korean film season also features a documentary by the same Mr Zhang Lu… Yep, he’s a talented guy!

*That season is named “ON FOREIGN GROUND:  Visions of Migration” (read/listen on to find out more).

However, back to the main subject and the reason for recording this episode, “A Quiet Dream” is what this podcast is also about – Yep, Mini Mini Movie’s aka Jason Verney’s spoiler-free movie review.

So, yes, this article is one in conjunction with, and a companion piece to the below podcast.  Note that these regular podcasts can also be found on Spreaker and iTunes.

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