So, you’ve heard of the cat documentary which is currently doing the rounds in cinemas, and giving people that warm feeling [or should that be ‘feline’]…?

You have?  You haven’t?

Well, I managed to CATch it and recorded a little podcast reviewing it.  Yep, immediately after the film I paused [or PAWS’d? … OK, I’ll stop with the puns!] my day to find time to produce a little episode.  It’s one of my ‘Podcast in the Park’ ones, rather than one recorded & produced in my recording room.  See details of this podcast and others at the foot of this article.

It’s a well made film showing street cats, or strays in the city of Istanbul.  The animals really are what give the city its soul, or at least make souls / humans / 2-legged beings / individuals happy by their presence.


In fact, speaking of souls, the four-legged creatures are said to have a soul in the spiritual sense.  Or, are even the mediators between humans and God, at least that’s what the film states and its characters reconfirm.

Yes, these cats are somewhat, somehow attuned or aligned to humans, whilst connected to a higher spirit.  However, I will say that in the below podcast, although I cover quite a bit in the episode’s short duration, I fail to touch much or at all on that aspect.

These man’s / woman’s best-friend creatures may go off and do their own thing but they each interactive with those persons who do treat them well.  Both the cats and the humans have many a different personality in this film, this city and I suppose this world.

There are great little stories, even one which seems hard to believe but it made a certain fisherman guy find faith in the cats, a particular one and in his own life, if my memory serves me correctly.


Finally, and technically, this film looks good and not only gives us a birds eye view of this Turkish city but also a cats eye view or level, at least.

Its use if music is also pretty top notch, even if only to demonstrate a certain cat’s personality.

Try to catch it in the cinema, legally online or indeed via YouTube RED, as I understand that it’s made in association with that platform – If you’ve noticed the top picture in this post, you’ll have seen the YouTube / YouTubeRED logo within it.

That’s all for meow… I mean ‘now’!

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