In the last few days, we’ve been hit with at least 2 bits of BIG NEWS* from film companies Terracotta Distribution and Third Window Films.

[*Well, the Festival segment of this article has not been verified with the organisers, even though appearing on their official website – as always, MMM will try to keep things as up-to-date and accurate as possible]

However, this was not BIG and ‘BAD’ news from the two friendly** distributors as it has been in recent times!  On the contrary, potentially fabulous news in a few different ways.

**Friendly to…

1) … their loyal supporters and customers.

2) … one another… TD and TWF have been almost bedfellows and assistants to each other over the years!

What though… What were these announcements?

Just follow the ARROWS…

[You could say though, that the arrows should be pointing UPWARDS, as things are looking UP!]

The FIRST news to hit me was that the much-loved, much-missed and much-to-be-thanked-for [by yours truly anyway!] festival, the TERRACOTTA FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL, will be RETURNING and, from the way it sounded it should be or could be BIGGER & BETTER than ever before!

[Again, this has not been verified with the organisers, even though appearing on their official website – as always, MMM will try to keep things as up-to-date and accurate as possible. The only thing MMM will state at this point is that if this festival news is not correct perhaps those who handle the festival website (admin at Arrow Films?), they’ve been handed erroneous information…]

The main source in question:  www.TerracottaFestival.com

Whether the festival news is to believed or not, this is a good opportunity to cover what the festival HAS done for us in the past… So…

Having its origins date all the way back to 2009 – yes, almost a decade ago – it’s all been thanks to, & essentially down to both Terracotta Distribution’s ‘main man’, Mr Joey Leung and Third Window Films & their ‘head honcho’, Mr Adam Torel.  Of course, there are other players involved… It takes a lot to run the respective websites, take care of film screenings, handle physical and digital realeases, scout film festivals & markets for new releases, send mailshots / emails and so much more.

The TFEFF the highlighted not only brilliant new films from across East Asia but also brought us interviews with actors, directors and other associated artists, not to mention intimate masterclasses, film premieres, parties and dedicated genre nights.

This, though, is not ONLY what I have to thank TERRACOTTA and THIRD WINDOW themselves for… No, not just this remarkable and unique film festival, but also for their DVDs ‘AND’ iTunes film releases AND introducing me to the films of Japanese director, Sion Sono amongst other Korean & other Asian filmmakers & indeed talent AND “INTRODUCING” me, literally to such artists so that I could interview them myself.

Not only that, they’ve brought FREE movie nights, sometimes combined with ‘meet-up’ evenings and who could forget when they brought the ONE & ONLY Mr Christopher Doyle – cinematographer extraordinaire – to London for a crazy evening**, including the much overlooked music of Stereo Total!

**All in the name of the film “Underwater Love”.

But as I said above, it’s not all been good news or plain sailing – not least when the UK riots of 2011 destroyed much of these two companies, in the form of DVD stock anyway. And not also when changes in the film industry , the BBFC and venues almost meant that it may all be over for Joey Leung and Adam Torel’s labours of love.

It’s regarding the latter though which leads me nicely [Well, I do compose this myself so hardly a coincidence!] to the SECOND BIT of GOOD NEWS…

Which is?

Well, remember those ARROWS above?

And, considering the [sad, yet ultimately happy – as it transpires] fact that another one of those companies affected by the 2011 riots and fire was Arrow Films, things are seemingly turning out for the best, or better for all 3 companies.

Yes, you may have guessed it…


Yep… Just when many fans, admirers and respecters of both Terracotta and Third Window (and maybe even Arrow) were preparing for sad or yet another announcement, we had these in our mailboxes / social media feeds:


Terracotta Distribution joins Arrow Films

Terracotta Distribution formalise relationship with Arrow Films

London, 1st March 2018

Terracotta Distribution (‘Terracotta’) are excited to announce a new sales and distribution partnership with Arrow Films, one of the UK’s leading and most respected distributors of cult classics such as BATTLE ROYALE, AUDITION and ‪LADY SNOWBLOOD‬.

Terracotta, together with Third Window Films (with whom Terracotta has had a long and close relationship), will have access to a much larger distribution network including the Arrow Channel on Amazon and the Arrow Online Store as well as communication channels and social media activities that reach an extensive and passionate film-loving audience.

Having worked with Arrow over the years to promote high-quality Asian cinema to UK audiences via events such as the Terracotta Film Club and Terracotta Far East Film Festival, this formal alliance marks the next step of growth for Terracotta and the start of an exciting new phase of collaboration between staff at the two companies.

[INTERMISSION:  You can find various Terracotta and Third Window related articles of Mine / MMM via these links:




Third Window Films BACK IN BUSINESS!! More Japanese cinema for all!



After all the troubles we found ourselves put into during 2017, we thought we have turned a corner in 2018, though as soon as we started to pick ourselves up came the very bad news that Fusion Media Sales, the sales agent which handled us as well as many other great indie distributors, were closed down by their parent company. This totally screwed us as well as many other labels like ours who are not big enough to negotiate directly with Amazon, HMV, SONY, etc and therefore need to rely on a third-party agent like Fusion who can handle such deals. Though in the case of a company like that being closed it leaves us with no control over our stock or sales, and in a terrible state of limbo.

Though no more!  Thanks to the great ARROW FILMS!

Both Third Window and our longtime partners Terracotta Distribution have been rescued by Arrow Films, and we cannot think of a better company to partner with! Arrow Films and Arrow Video have been one of the last few saviors in keeping physical media and indie film distribution alive, as we have been trying to do with Asian cinema, so it’s really ‪the perfect match‬ and a wonderful new family to be a part of!

We will soon have all our stock available through their website and other outlets, but this merger has allowed us to keep our upcoming schedule in tact, but please check out and help us out by PRE-ORDERING some of our upcoming releases…

[3 – Words From ARROW FILMS can be found at the foot of this article… because that’s quite enough enough words on the subject, for now!]

So… PRESS RELEASES over – Yes, enough of the T & TF News… kind of!



Verney’s “Virally Vended”:

Further details of Terracotta Distribution – the company behind the Terracotta Far East Film Festival & Terracotta Touring Festival – and that other Asian film favourite, the aforementioned Third Window Films are below.

However, before you rush to clickety-click-away I’d like to use this space to elaborate on the riots experienced here in the UK in 2011. Did you know that these riots caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages and loss to our favourite independent film distributors?

These are, essentially… Arrow Films, Artifical Eye, The BFI, Crabtree Films, Cine-Asia, Dogwoof Films, Exposure Cinema, Eureka, Kaleidoscope Films, Left Films, Masters of Cinema, Metrodome Films, New Wave Films, Peccadillo Pictures, Revolver Entertainment, Showbox Home Entertainment, Terracotta, Third Window Films and Warp Films.

So, with the latter in mind it is even more important to spread the word, virally, about these unfortunate vendors.  On that note I leave you with these links… all which will, in some way assist in keeping such films to be distributed here in the so-called land of milk & honey.



Twitter:  @ThirdWindow / @Terracotta_Dist

@AIDED_Film  –  This is actually a Twitter account I set-up not long after the UK riots, however it’s aim is to support independent film as best it can.  It’s in addition to my @MiniMiniMovies, @NativeNomadPics [my filmmaking side] and @ [about my Korean documentary and other Korean film projects I, Jason Verney am involved with].



And… let’s not forget the saviours known as ARROE FILMS:


Twitter:  @ArrowFilms


Thanks for your support… in every way.

See You Later, L’asia or That’s all, Filks*!

* Filks. A combination of Film and Folks




We are trilled to announce two new Sales and Distribution partnerships with Terracotta Distribution and Third Window Films! We will be fulfilling physical distribution, Digital Transactional, and overseeing SVOD and TV sales for each label from March 1st.

Having notably released ‘Fires On The Plain’ and ‘Destruction Babies’ last year, Third Window have another prolific and eclectic year ahead. On March 26th, Third Window will release ‘Love and Other Cults’ written and directed by Eiji Uchida and produced by Third Window Films’ own Adam Torel. ‘The Whispering Star’ directed by Third Window stalwart Sion Sono will be released on April 16th and on April 30th comes Sono’s hotly anticipated ‘Antiporno’, which will be the 7th release from the director on the label. Previous releases include ‘Cold Fish’, ‘Love Exposure’ and ‘Himizu’.

“Third Window Films are incredibly excited to partner with one of the world’s leading distributors of cutting-edge cinema in Arrow Films. Like Arrow, Third Window have prided ourselves on keeping physical media alive with a wide variety of interesting titles in stellar packages, with a focus on customer satisfaction and collectability. We believe that partnering with Arrow is a step forward to keeping physical media going strong and helping get unknown and underseen films out to a larger audience!” – Adam Torel, Third Window Films

“We are over the moon to be partnering with Arrow, with whom we have had a long-standing collaborative relationship with and this feels like a really natural next step for us to be working even more closely with each other.” – Joey Leung, Terracotta Distribution

“I’m delighted that Arrow Films will be overseeing sales and distribution for acclaimed labels Terracotta & Third Window. Both offer a rich catalogue of diverse content, which will very much complement our own output. What we can bring to these guys is huge social media reach, multiple direct to consumer offerings and an excellent retail customer base – we look forward to a highly successful relationship’ Alex Agran, CEO Arrow Films

The Third Window Films brand was born in 2005 when its film-loving founders grew bored of the stream of worn-out shock horror vehicles from the Far East. For over 10 years, Third Window have worked tirelessly to become one of the leaders in the UK for Asian cinema distribution, focusing on original and unique directors such as Sion Sono, Shinya Tsukamoto, Eiji Uchida and many others to create a new marketplace for Asian cinema fans. “Third Window Films be your window to the East!”

Terracotta Films is best known for releasing the multi-award winning ‘Breathless’ directed by Yang Ik-june, Terracotta Distribution also have two imprint labels: Terror-Cotta focuses on Asian horror and thrillers like the recent ‘Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell’; Sharp Teeth Films is a non-Asian language label which has released the hip hop documentary ‘Rubble Kings’ and experimental slasher ‘You Are Not Alone’. Terracotta also run the Terracotta Far East Film Festival which is an annual event aiming to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK.


끝 (The End, in Korean – and I mean it, this time!;)