Deep In... Procrastination...!
“Deep In… Procrastination”  –  The original version of this photo was taken by Photographer, YouTuber & Instagrammer, Ms @JinnyPark_snap)…


If you’re one of the readers who’s thinking that very thing [yes, how big-headed to A) Insinuate I have such a Massive, Massive audience and B) Speak of myself as the Third person?!], then read on… please… pretty please…

Indeed, it has been several weeks since my last article and although I’m midway through at least a couple of film reviews and a post about a recent Film Director interview, the writing has been sparse for some time.



As I write this, I’m in Thailand… and have already spent around 6 weeks in India. After that, I’ll be in Korea and perhaps even prior to that I’ll visit elsewhere in Asia before heading to the not-so-United Kingdom / not-so-Great Britain.

But what am I doing here? Great question, if I do say so myself!

Well, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind journey thus far: Revisiting my beloved (yet unwittingly not realizing how much I had missed and neglected it!) INDIA, sampling some interesting YET grueling [at times] YET worthwhile “AYURVEDIC” treatment, visiting ‘long-lost’ friends, heading to new places, returning to Bangkok, attempting to re-immerse myself in the Thai culture… and… so much more!

Apologies therefore.


That is not all I have been up to lately.  You see, I’ve been filling my YouTube channel with videos which were once only on Vimeo – and in fact still a few to transfer over – and ones which were not uploaded or made public ANYWHERE before.

In addition to the latter, I’ve included V-Logs [call them Vlogs or Verney-Logs!], clips from South Korea dating back to 2012, I believe, a couple of talks I’ve given in Korea and of course sliding them within Podcasts already on the same YouTube channel.

I’m hoping to add other projects I’ve been working on, videos from these current travels [already some are there], ‘unreleased’ video art and even ones relating to AYURVEDA TREATMENT – the main reason being that many friends, acquaintances and viewers of my Facebook LIVE videos have expressed an interest in what I ‘had to undertake’!


You see? I HAVE been busy.

Yep. Life keeps going, cameras keep rolling, fingers keep typing and the heart still beats.

PEACE and LOVE, yet not Mini Mini Love but Massive, Massive Love!


The channel can be found by searching under “JASON VERNEY”, albeit it’s slowly morphing into the new name of “Native Nomad NOW”…

Here’s a direct LINK:

 Jason Verney / MMM / Native Nomad NOW on YouTube   

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