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Always one to throw the reader OFF – although hopefully not completely OFF so that they disappear – and move slightly OFF topic, I was compelled to write this little article spontaneously, or maybe ‘OFF the cuff’.

You see, following the receiving of a Press Release related email regarding some London Korean Film Festival news, which included details of the official and NEW* trailer, I was compelled to tie such an announcement in with words from a previously semi-drafted and therefore un-posted article!

*I say “NEW” because A) It’s this year’s Trailer and therefore not an old one *sigh* and B) If my memory serves me correctly, at a recent screening and indeed LKFF Launch Night we were treated to a rough cut of such a #LKFF2019 trailer.

“NEW… and NEW Trailer”:

”How does all that throw anyone off?”, I hear you say [yes, you… perhaps the only reader of this piece!]… Well, let me tie it all together now.

It’s true to say there is a brand new Trailer out but what may mislead someone is the use of the words in this article’s ‘Title’, and those being “Top Titles”!  Let me explain.  There ARE some top FILM titles in this year’s LKFF – see the full schedule – but I, or MMM is using the word “TITLE” in another way, and in fact almost exactly as that & this bolded TITLE suggests!

Confused still? I’ve not finished…

So, let’s just reiterate that there is indeed NOW a full Trailer for the LKFF and indeed some Top [film] Titles in the film festival line-up.  However, some words and praises, I suppose you’d call them – and not just praise or appreciation for the LKFF (or guys, as that’s probably a given – were already being put together.

… and those WORDS…

               … relate to WORDS…

More specifically, FONT, Design, Marketing etc etc… Be that in the form of words and letters on posters or pamphlets, or in that Trailer!

Such design, marketing and of course, FONT has been on my mind for a while, and over the course of at least two LKFF’s.  It’s also hard not to love it when staring at it on a giant cinema screen, behind and also dwarfing [in this instance] Mr Tony Rayns…

To explain further…

I really admire the beauty yet simplicity of the recent years of the marketing & design for the London Korean Film Festival and, by the way, such marketing & design stems back to 2015.

Incidentally, to clarify that [2015] is indeed the correct year, one would only have to look back through each year’s Tote bags. 

Above “2017” photo taken from

One may look at other marketing material, websites, Google Images or wherever, but ultimately 2015 is the date you’ll find.

I feel the Font especially, and therefore the feel of the whole design makes a BOLD statement [statement… literally] but also one which can reflect how the festival is now.  

By this I mean, that certain beauty and simple-ness of the design and words says a lot about the LKFF of recent years and matches too the festival’s almost ‘stripped-down’, serious and eclectic focus of these latter years… especially compared to a few certain years prior to 2015, when the LKFF seemed to be more about the Glitz, the Glamour & the Glory.  

Incidentally, 2015 was the 10th Anniversary of the LKFF, at least the one run by the KCCUK, and which now is in its 14th year – “I’ll” do the math/s!  ㅋㅋㅋ 

It’s worth noting that the 2015, 10th Anniversary was… well, let’s say… a Knock Out year for Julia.Studio and the LKFF.  Indeed, a real K.O. – You see, not only did they truly ‘reflect’ the “10” [see above] but also by overlaying the letters K and O with… yes, you’ve guessed it (especially if you’ve seen this article’s closing [& ‘doctored’] picture already!) the numbers 1 and O…!

Since that year, we’ve film strands within the festival which seem to have or play more importance:  Women’s Voices, Documentary, Special Focus etc to name but a few… and all the while, still providing the audience with new and contemporary, & sometimes BIG pictures, plus the focus on revered directors of old and current.  

Imaginative imagery courtesy of

In researching all this ‘design and especially Font’ business, I also found that the people responsible for this bold, clear and dare I say it, often clever design are JULIA

You’ll see their design on LKFF booklets, bags etc and the overall design being captured within the Trailer/s not least as Title Cards or the like.  

So, that’s almost it.  I simply wanted to give a shout-out and appreciation to Julia Studio, the KCCUK and LKFF guys for really pulling off a style that matches what the London Korean Film Festival is all about.  

Whilst ‘paying’ things, MMM will end this piece by paying respect to that other well known LKFF design, which left us in the same year, 2015.  See emoticon’d image below.


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Farewell & HELLO!