This is simply brilliant!

The revamped website for the LKFF (London Korean Film Festival), which has had to be constantly updated throughout the fest itself – not least due to films expiring, fresh news being added and even the “Screening Schedule” changes being updated – has now added a load more videos to it’s “Talks and Q&As” section. These are all FREE too!

In fact, when the festival started this section was not there at all. Within a week or so though, it was not only added to the already existing ‘tabs’, but also had a couple of such Talks/Q & As.

Now it has NINE of these!

So, whether you missed any of these – including the ones which were only screened with the physical Cinema Screenings (before the UK’s second ‘lockdown’ – yes, there were a couple of screenings!) – you can now watch and listen online. Unsurprisingly, the “In Cinemas” tab / section has disappeared, although perhaps it will reappear if the two films which got rescheduled for December – “Ashfall” and “Happy Life” – do go ahead.

For example, the Q & A which went with “Me and Me”, with director Jung Jinyoung being interviewed by film critic Anton Bitel, I found to be a really interesting one – Sure, I haven’t seen the film but his opinions and explanations are very informative (let’s not forget that Mr Jung is a well-known actor too!)

The one for “Gull” is also interesting. I’d hope it would be even for those who haven’t seen it too.

Not only is there the Q & A which accompanied the Opening Gala film, “Pawn” there is also one for “Bori“, the festival’s Closing Gala movie (12th November 2020)… So, if you’re undecided on whether to book for this film and want to have a little insight into it, it’s there to view.

The option of having these Talks / Q & As here is also good for those people who only had time to watch the online screening of the film, but didn’t have a chance to get the ‘lowdown’ on it by viewing any such talk which accompanied it. Now you can!

Lastly, for those who may have missed one [or both] of the two special Online Talks (Bong Joon-ho: Korea and Beyond [Zoom talk]; Classics Strand: Zoom talk & Q&A with Programmer Mark Morris), they are there now for your perusal. Personally, I missed the Classics Strand one due to it clashing with another LKFF film I was watching! With regard to the Bong Joon-ho one talk I was hoping it would be uploaded somewhere, as it seemed that it was being recorded – although I thought it would appear on the KCCUK YouTube channel.

I do hope these stay on this site for a while, perhaps until just before LKFF 2021, but at this stage I’ve not been informed either way.

Happy watching & listening!

Mr MMM is off to watch the one for the lovely “Moving On“. See ya!

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