A few years ago, Jason Verney of @MiniMiniMovies [film reviews & interviews] and he too of @NativeNomadPics [his filmmaking side] started a podcast called F. L. I. C. K. S. – covering Film, ‘Life’, Interviews, Camera [film projects], Korea & Sounds, the latter meaning Music.

That podcast is still in existence, even if one of the last one recorded was a couple of months ago or so.

There are, however, reasons for nothing being posted for several weeks – after all, don’t most happenings or non-events have reasons behind them? – and one of those is the following…:

You see, as well as producing and editing a mid-length film, and which has subsequently played at a festival, with hopefully more to come, one of the other reasons for no new “F. L. I. C. K. S.” episode – in addition to other film related and journalist commitments – is that he [aka MMM aka Me!] and good friend, Timothy Holm have started an exclusively Korean related podcast!

Indeed, if you look somewhere in the region of to the right of this article (depending on which device you’re using), you may already have noticed a player for this podcast… not to be confused with the former one mentioned earlier.

Yes… The @NotSoKoreanPodcast has launched!  We even like to be ‘down with the kids’ and call it the NoSoKoPo at times!


It’s already been more than 10 episodes since starting it… and these already include a few interviews, and all with very highly regarded people in the field of all things Korea.  On top of this, there are more interviews lined up and other interesting Korean related topics to be discussed on the horizon.

You may be thinking what this has to do with MOVIES – seeing as this is essentially a FILM related website – and we can tell you that it has A LOT relating it to such Korean cinematic gems.  In fact, in a few of the episodes already released / broadcast there have been items of news relating to Korean film or films.

The podcast is available on all good podcast outlets [and perhaps even bad ones too!] and these include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Spreaker and YouTube.

Here’s a little bit more information regarding the podcast:

The Not So Korean Podcast with Jay & Tim is recorded live from New Malden, the UK and Europe’s largest Koreatown. We bring you news, topics of conversation, and interviews related to the Korean community and K-Culture.

Edited & Engineered by Jason Verney

Designed [but not Drawn] by Jason Verney



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