SAKWA Movie Korea

Film:  Sa-Kwa (사과)

Sa-kwa (Sakwa) is a homonym of “apple” and “apology” in the Korean language.

Year:  2008

Originally made in 2005 – It finally received a theatrical release in 2008.

Director:  Yi-kwan Kang

Venue:  The Korean Cultural Centre, The Strand, London

Moon So-ri
Kim Tae-woo
Lee Seon-gyun
Joo Jin-mo
Kim Hyun-ju
Kang Rae-yeon 

Running Time:  118 minutes

Other Info:

Shown as a short season of films – in the lead up to the Royal Wedding – to promote the Korean island of Jeju.

Sa-Kwa (사과) COUPLE

The evening before the Royal Wedding… On which day I must also work… But for this moment I wanted to forget that forthcoming 24 hours.  Albeit I would only be working for a handful of hours.

I’m the first to admit that I’ve not seen hundreds of Korean films but this one reminded me of why I like them so much… if I really needed reminding.

First, we hear the tinkling of a Piano filled soundtrack… That almost amateur sounding music tells us it’s Korean.  But I’ll add that it’s only ‘amateur-seeming’ because we hear more complex compositions in Hollywood movies.

This is a relationship based comedy and perhaps one of finding yourself too, whether that be in a partnership or standing on your own two feet.  We are introduced to a couple who already appear in love… and so we believe it to not just be a tale of people meeting, greeting and falling at their feet-ing! *smile-becomes-a-sigh*

Sorry Apple Apology Korean

I’m no major expert as such, of Korean films but sometimes aspects of this picture reminded me of Hong Sangsoo’s takes on relationships.  Another similarity would be that much drinking is talked about and even a little on display, but perhaps not as much as Sangsoo.

Sprinklings of Comedy moments appear as you’d wish, especially where the mother & father characters are concerned… and this contains the often stereotypical bickering mother.  We have all seen her in many a movie, and perhaps more so in Asian films.

Sad Korean Couple Sa-Kwa

As with all the best Korean dramas it keeps you guessing.*  You never know if someone will get together with someone, stay alone or even commit suicide… Or is that my viewing tendencies!?

*I always think of Breathless, with its long crying tears scene – it’s so beautiful and unexpected & I guess more heartachingly picturesque because of that.

Lastly, divorce is spoken of in this picture – a little bit of reverse-irony seeing as this showing was in lead up to the royal wedding.

Sa-Kwa (사과) Korean Apple Apology Sorry

I don’t want to give any more away and so if you get a chance to witness this film, either at home out or by watching it in the library area at the Korean Cultural Centre please do see it to the end.

In all, a bittersweet film of lucky & unlucky in love.

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