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Film:  Twittamentary

Year:  2011

Director (& Writer):  Tan Siok Siok

Venue:  Rich Mix, London




& ‘no more than’ 140 characters!



Running time:  66 minutes

Other Info: 

UK Premiere

Further Info: 

Introduced by creator Tan Siok Siok & followed by a Q & A.

Official Site:



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AnXious or eXcited?

Either way, ‘X’ marks the spot here at Rich MiX, in Shoreditch, London.

Why was I, and a few others here?  Well, surely it’s clear from the above review details.

But seriously, it was for a very special preview of a much anticipated film, not just in the social networking community but in the documentary one also.

Tan Siok Siok Rich Mix Twitter Twittamentary Twittermentary Mika Tan Khot-Bi Jaeho

I had the pleasure of having Korean actress, Kim Kkobbi [an avid Tweeter herself, with an interest in film-making as a whole] attend this screening with me.  I was due to meet Kkobbi plus-one in the cafe of Rich Mix.  This said, there was a moment when I thought she wouldn’t arrive, and as the presumed start time was fast approaching I was finally relieved to hear that the showing was now going to be a half hour later than scheduled.  Good, I could relax about wondering if these friends would make it in time or not.  Kkobbi [and Jaeho] made it, I must add.

Siok Siok Tan made her unofficial appearance… in the cafe area.  I knew that the guy already patiently waiting was someone important regarding Twittamentary – it transpired later [from Siok Siok’s intro to the movie] that he was the producer.

After a brief catch up with my friends, it was time to head into the auditorium.  The mandatory Twitter feed was up on the left-hand-side of the screen, where Tweets were appearing – and would continue to appear – from both audience-members & general Tweeters around the world. Unfortunately, I was having a problem with mine appearing in the Twitter timeline in general but Kkobbi’s was working fine, as you can see here…:

Docu American Singapore Chinese Twittamentary Siok Tan Mika Tan Nude Sex Feed

Siok Siok arrived on the floor to introduce the film.  Ms Tan mentioned a few details about the film including:

•  We were the first anywhere to see the film with yet another added scene.

•  Only one British person features in the film, him being a pretty clever musician incidentally.

•  We were welcomed to continue to Tweet throughout the movie.

It commenced.  We watched.

Professional titles were upon on us in no time, albeit I had witnessed these in a teaser or two.

This film was better than expected.  To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect… Although I thought it would mostly be people – or ‘talking heads’ – discussing why they love Twitter.  That’s not to say it doesn’t contain such an element – one would expect it to include a certain amount of this.

We meet a guy who quite happily admits that, even though people used to say (and some still think this) Twitter is all about individuals talking about what they ‘just had to eat’, this social networking platform is really just where he ‘belongs’!…

Descriptions of the various terms on screen appear throughout the film, voiced-over by Siok Siok. These include: handles / user IDs, hashtags & the-140-character-rule.

Talking of characters, we are indeed introduced to a diverse bunch.  This crowd includes persons who have witnessed a plane crash & other major news-worthy incidents and by just Tweeting a photo it has (intentionally or unintentionally) been re-Tweeted across the globe in minutes, or even seconds.  And, in most such cases its been much to their astonishment & surprise, errrr… unsurprisingly!

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From major news events,  news worthy media articles *through to everyday-people occurences such as a pizza delivery. Check out the pizza delivery incident, and the enthusiasm pizza firm owner!

[*note that I don’t write “down to” but “through to”.  Why?  Twitter users, or Tweeps to give them one of their Twitter terms, co-exist.  Big Stars to the general public; World news to the-almost-mundane news – I’d like to think that no Tweeters condescend to others]

Moving from a lost laptop viral-tweeting-appeal to one which has helped the homeless, such stories show a sense of community and fill us with empathy for our fellow man, or woman.

And almost-ly last-ly but most-ly not least-ly – and some would say controversial-ly – an adult star ‘come’ girl for hire [that’s Mini Mini trying to put it in the least controversial way].  The word ‘come’ is deliberate of course… and… what’s wrong with that?  Mika Tan is purely a girl for all seasons, or should that be reasons…?  Either way, a talented and educated soul all round.

I mean, I happened to know that a certain Mika Tan was to appear in this film.  Although, I didn’t know how this movie juxtaposition [of documentary maker, Tan and adult star, Tan] came about. You will see how in my forthcoming interview I put that exact question to Siok Siok.

Siok Tan Mika Tan Porn Pornstar Nude Video Videos Twittamentary Naked Breasts Ass

Mika had some interesting and amusing words to say.  This is also true of her Twitter Timeline.  In fact, you could say that Mika’s more active on Twitter than in her professional life… And I know that she won’t mind me saying that.

From Mika, a star known for her HBO show, Cathouse I’ll move from ‘one hot cat’ to dogs.

Dogs?  Yes, Twitter is shown to be full of people’s alter-egos in the shape & form of Dog Twitterers. This gives tweeps an opportunity to speak for their pets whilst being able to voice alternate opinions.  Barking mad?  I don’t believe so.

But… I was a tad surprised that no mention of Mika Tan’s dog, @ThorTheLover was included. Incidentally, Thor tweets with a unique lisp.

So, we’ve covered Pets in Siok Siok’s Pet project.  And, indeed it shows that we are all very different mammals.

Finally, although this film is a different format & different narrative form to Tan Siok Siok’s previous documentary [ Boomtown Beijing – I hope to review this soon, perhaps timing it in with the London ‘Lympics 😉 ] it is perhaps the best way of relaying this aspect of social media to fans or future Twitter lovers across the globe.  This social media platform is for those in the know, BY those in the know… And as someone musically points out in this picture, the users often find that those they have most in common with are not in the real, physical or even Facebook world but in fact are fellow followers or future still-to-be-found ones, on Twitter.

A Mini Mini Movie (i.e. Trailer)

Find this Trailer and other Mini-er Movies here at:

“Twittamentary Teaser Trailer…”:

And if you’re still convinced…:

Foot (or Finger) Note:

I hope I speak for every avid Tweeter out there when I say that it’s nice how the Twitter community has it’s own uniqueness. Is it true to say that with Twitter users constantly finding world news and what really matters, and more items to their taste than, say other social networking platforms, or even in their everyday lives.  It’s a hidden gem of wit, recommendations, tribes…etc.  Indeed, it’s almost a Cult rather than a Club.  Only those whom are truly a part f it can believe it and understand it.

This is why you may, like me find yourself arguing with (or ignoring) friends or the man-on-the-street responding to “Are you on Twitter?” with “Twitter?  It’s something which celebrities use” or “Twitter is just people stating what they’re eating”

The Cast:

@geogeller Geo Geller, Artist
@williger Darren Williger, Sales Professional
@adventuregirl Stephanie Michaels, Travel Journalist
@davidavdavid David Blumenstein, Offline Anarchist
@fuzheado Andrew Lih,  Journalism Professor USC
@ihatemornings Benjamin Walker, Songwriter
@jkrums Janis Krums, Miracle on the Hudson River Photo Guy
@shelisrael Shel Israel, Author, Twitterville
@RSYamilio Restaurant Floor Manager
@JeffPulver Jeff Pulver, Creator, 140 Characters Conference
@Krochmal Mo Krochmal, Online Journalist
@lizstrauss Liz Strauss, Brand Strategist
@Interactive Amy Amy Korin, Social Media Consultant
@Ramon_DeLeon Ramon De Leon, Operating Partner, Domino’s Pizza Chicago
@cruiter Mike DwyerImprov Comedian
@ReganPTX Richard Regan, Trader
@AllanSchoenberg Allan Schoenberg, Corp Comms Director, CME Group
@padschicago Anne Marie Walsh, Homeless
@ChicagoJulia Julia Saucier, Student
@ChicagoDiane Diane Saucier, Technology Company Executive
@TruckerDesiree Desiree Woods, Truck Driver
@TruckinDogKarma Desiree’s dog
@PaulSwansen Paul Swansen, Media Professional
@Mika_Tan Mika Tan, Porn Star and Sex Worker
@MarshaCollier Marsha Collier, Author
@HeatherMeeker Heather Meeker, Marketing Professional
@hardlynormal Mark Horvath, Homeless Advocate

@marlooz Marloes Veldhuizen

@thatdrew Geek and Cancer Survivor

@hankwasiak  Hank Wasiak, Owner, Advertising Agency

@slackmistress Nina Bargiel, TV Writer & Transmedia Producer

@AriannaHuff Arianna Huffington, CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post

@blazingbetta Sarah Cashmore, PhD Student     @mactonnies Writer

The Filmmakers:

Director:        Tan Siok Siok

Producer:       Tan Siok Siok

Scriptwriter:    Tan Siok Siok

Editor:             Tan Siok Siok

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