When China Met Africa

Film:  When China Met Africa

Year:  2011

Directors / Writers / Producers:  Marc Francis and Nick Francis

Venue:  Prince Charles Cinema, London


African people

Chinese people

Running time:  80 minutes

Other Info: 

Theatrical Premiere

Further Info: 

Introduced / Compered / Hosted by Jon Snow & followed by a Q & A (including the Directors’).

Official Film Website

Distributor Official Website  &  Twitter:  @SpeakIt01


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Twitter:  @InTheDocHouse

When China Met Africa - Speak It SpeakIt - Jon Snow John - Marc Francis Nic DocHouse Doc House

A day of 3 Premieres [Control Tower / Underwater Love – A Pink Musical / When China Met Africa] where I was close to tears in each, but for 3 different reasons. Tears of love – both young & unrequited; Tears of joy – for the fun & music; Tears of compassion – for our fellow man, in other nations.

Compassion. Passion. Whatever Fashion.

Whether we believe that any bond between the Chinese and Zambian people will last, or if indeed it is for real there is no denying that much love is felt between continents & countries on display here.

When China Met Africa - Speak It SpeakIt - Jon Snow John - Marc Francis Nic DocHouse Doc House

Add to this the fact that it’s a situation dealt with better than any Western country would handle it, and you have a heartfelt portrayal on show.

It’s not without it’s anger, mistrust and vague suspicions of deceit.  No, nobody can rule out these.

What this picture does demonstrate is two nations and their individuals’ goals.  This is shown with humour, a little suspense and grand imagery.

When China Met Africa - Speak It SpeakIt - Jon Snow John - Marc Francis Nic DocHouse Doc House

In summary… It’s the true tale about the Chinese offering help in Zambia (and elsewhere I’m sure) in exchange for such things as copper.  By showing a family living there also – having moved over from China a few years ago – it adds to the film’s charm and gives us a sense that we’re there also, in the thick of it. Leaders from both nations meet and seemingly talk amicably. The truth is… as they say… Out There.

WHEN CHINA MET AFRICA - @SpeakIt @InTheDocHouse Nick Marc Francis Documenttary Docu

Q & A Highlights:

What better debate-master than Jon Snow. He sure knows how to interrogate whilst being diplomatic at the right time.

The Questions and Answers were also Tweeted live throughout this segment.

When China Met Africa - Speak It SpeakIt - Jon Snow John - Marc Francis Nic DocHouse Doc House


What a documentary, and evening.  Not the best I’ve seen but very good.

And… Not forgetting…:

Mini Mini Movie (i.e. Trailer)

“When Mini Mini Met China And Africa”

Find this Trailer and other Mini-er Movies here at:




3 responses to “When China Met Africa

  1. I’m confused! When did you watch this/post this? My email inbox says today, but your post says Oct 2011…

  2. Oh like many of my forthcoming posts they’ve been drafts for a while… Perhaps I need to look at editing something before posting. Also my Red Light Revolution review became un-published…?! Gremlins in the machine… Or inside my head? 😉

  3. I have got stuff in drafts too (started reviews from ages ago) but when I publish them I get the current date… I think you can adjust this? Because if you don’t, doesn’t it then mess up your blog, as in, it won’t show on top of your blog’s front page?

    But there are definitely things that don’t work on WordPress. Automatic posting generally doesn’t work for me.

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