[Article working title:  Third Window Film Festival 2012 – EAST WINDS – “A Second Wind OR A Third Windo(ow)”]

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It’s time to talk about festivals and one in particular.

Let me explain.

Mini Mini Movie has been established for some time now and much of its focus and real love is for Asian film, or as some prefer to catagorise it ‘East’ Asian.  Far East is yet another definition of the part of the world where much of these so loved films emanate.

Now, this is not just a love of these films but more an appreciation of the talent out there.  I’m dumbfounded as to how billions of cinema-goers are oblivious to such pictures.  Without elaborating too much – that’s not what this article is about – I compare the general cinema, Hollywood essentially to that of TV.  This is to say, put something in front of viewers and this is what they’ll view.  Thinking outside the box is the only way such gems – whether filmmaking styles, directors or stories – are discovered.

With that out of the way, off one’s chest and probably disappearing deeply into the world wide web’s void I get back onto the subject of Asian films.  Not just the movies themselves but the way they’re distributed here in the UK.  This distribution comes in such forms of ‘distribution’ companies [well, duh…] but also the recognition of these films is helped and greatly assisted by certain film festivals.

It’s these festivals and the places the distributors’ films are also played which got me into this world of Asian cinema.  As well as venues like the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) and the BFI (British Film Institute), & even the KCC (Korean Cultural Centre) we have these festivals:

Terracotta Far East Film Festival

Zipangu Fest

London Korean Film Festival

       HyperJapan (in part)

There is another film festival which, like Terracotta Far East Film Festival which is run by a distributor and it’s main objective being to  heighten the awareness of Asian cinema.

I’m referring to the Third Window Film Festival: East Winds at Coventry University.   This is it’s second year and they’ve got some pretty amazing films lined up.  This is not to mention the guests recently announced!

Yep, the 2nd Annual East Winds Film Festival at Coventry University is here, or very almost – March 2nd-4th to be precise!

Mitsuko Delivers Sawako Decides Sion Sono Adam Torel Asian Movies Films Japanese

Further Info:

Third Window Films, in association with CUEAFS* and Coventry University will be hosting their annual East Winds Film Festival on the weekend of March 2nd-4th, 2012.

East Winds Film Festival was created with the purpose of bringing East Asian cinema to a University campus under the premise that the film festival is predominantly run by and for students, therefore making it one of its kind in the UK. The festival, despite only being in its 2nd year has drawn large international attention due to the way it operates, and this year sees Nissan sponsor the event as well as welcoming many world renowned film-makers and actors in attendance.

Satoshi Miki Fuse Eri Adrift In Tokyo Instant Swamp Japanese Asian Korean

This years’ lineup of films includes a retrospective of Japanese film-maker Satoshi Miki who will attend along with his regular actress Fuse Eri.

Satoshi Miki Fuse Eri Adrift In Tokyo Instant Swamp Japanese Asian Korean Far East Turtles Swimmers

There will also be a double-bill of feature films from legendary Hong Kong director Herman Yau, who will also be in attendance.

Other screenings include the European Premier of Taiwan/China co-production ‘Starry Starry Night’ with a Q&A from director Tom Lin as well as screenings of Yuya Ishii’s follow-up to ‘Sawako Decides’ with ‘Mitsuko Delivers’; the South Korean blockbuster smash ‘The Yellow Sea’ and the European Premier of the acclaimed short-film ‘BloodTraffick’ starring rising star Grace Huang.

More information can be found here:


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*CUEAFS = Coventry University East Asian Film Society.