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I doubt there’s a South Korean alive, and above the age of 10 who hasn’t heard of Im Kwon-taek (임권택). However, it would be difficult to name every one of his movie titles and indeed even Mr Im Kwon-taek himself would rather forget half of his films.  Considering this director has made over 100 films that is rather a lot of them to forget.  Im Kwon-taek though over the last many years has improved on already accomplished skill and harnessed these talents to even greater effect, with stories steeped in tradition and epic in scale.  A recent event’s highlight, “Mandala” (complete with an accompanying ‘In Conversation’ session) was definitely no exception.

So… having gained much knowledge & appreciated for this great director – and having had the privilege of meeting him on more than one occasion (in both the UK and SK), an interview with Mr Im Kwon-taek on this day – prior to the aforementioned film – was just the “Ticket” for us.


Ultimately, what occurred was a group interview, including Mini Mini rather than a one-on-one chat. With this in mind please join me in giving thanks to the following:








Also present at the interview was Dr Colette Bailman, whom can also be found writing at:


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 “IM KWON-TAEK Interview

After the film itself followed an interesting Q & A session with Im Kwon-taek, Tony Rayns, Mr Im’s translator [and film-maker himself] Kim Hong-Joon and of course, the audience.  Next?  In the foyer there was banter, photos, autographs and more, if you were one of those lucky ones.

Mini Mini should mention that although Im Kwon-taek was October’s director in the KCCUK’s “Year Of The 12 Directors” it was a retrospective of around 15 films of his, instead of the usual 4 from all other directors.  I say ‘around’ 15… It depends if you include director Kim Hong-Joon’s film on the making of Im Kwon-taek’s “Hanji”.  That  film –  “Moonlight” and the accompanying Im Kwon-taek / Korean Cinema forum – is a delightful piece of work in it’s own right.

Pictures of the Im Kwon-taek month-come-season-come-retrospective can be found here:

Director Im Retrospective and So Much More – “2012 – Year Of The 12 Directors”

Earlier in 2012, another film, “Always” [by Song Il-gon] marked the 100th film night from the lovely guys over at the Korean Cultural Centre, London.

Photos of that evening can be found here – including ones of the 100th Film Night cake! – so please enjoy looking at them:

Mini Mini Movie’s “100th Film Night by the Korean Cultural Centre, London” Flickr Photo Selection

Please join me in congratulating this Korean Cultural Centre on reaching this number [and since taking this number even higher], & therefore marking a seminal point in the job they do to promote or re-ignite peoples’ love for Korean film-making.

KCC Korean Cultural Centre Lee Myung-se Korea Nowhere To Hide M Duelist Gagman Love Bitter Sweet Asian

Many thanks again to the Korean Cultural Centre, London for arranging this interview and allowing it to take place.


But… The fun was not over yet!  For anyone keeping an eye out on the Korean Cultural Centre’s homepage they will have noticed the below banner.  Of course, by now you should all be aware of what the KCC had in store.





OK, more like a REMINDER…

Yes, we are already half way through the KCCUK’s season, “The Year Of 4 Actors” and this means that ONE OF KOREA’S MOST FAMOUS actors (both within Korea and throughout the world) is coming to London.

“Who, old chap?”  “You know who, old boy”… Massive clue there, but here’s another:-