Native Nomad Pictures (channel)… Goes LIVE!

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Who, or what are Native Nomad Pictures?

Some of you may know already, but for the majority which (probably) do not it’s the sister-business to Mini Mini Movies.

It’s also the company responsible for the forthcoming full-length documentary on South Korea and its culture.  NNP focuses mainly on films of fact and those of fiction and projects both big & small.

Now, the expression ‘Goes LIVE’ along with the word ‘channel’ could be misleading, misread or misunderstood and so to clarify… this is not an online TV channel but a link to projects completed over at Native Nomad Pictures.

Not only this, it’s only a representation of the company’s output as there are a few projects which are not yet publicly available, and a couple [always] in the making.  Regarding one of the films, a work of fiction, a short film, call it what you like – well, actually  call it “PAN Asian” as that’s its title! – which recently had its UK Premiere at London’s Walthamstow International Film Festival (or, is not as yet available online but information on it and some of NNP’s other films can be found at

MMM will leave you with a link to NNP’s channel.  Thanks for watching…

Native Nomad Pictures on Vimeo


[A still from “JKL”]

More info at:


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