Neon Bunny

So, how did it go?

Wait… One second, a quick apology… An apology to those readers who are waiting eagerly [yeah, right!] for an article about movies.  Again, this ‘music’ related written piece does have at least one connection with films as stated in the previous Neon Bunny article, but if that’s not a good enough of an excuse, apologies, @MiniMiniMovies will be back on filmic track very soon!

But for those who simply want to watch and not read – especially considering my lengthy postings – here’s a video:

Errr.  Right…

How did it go?

Huh… How did ‘what’ go?!

The much publicised – by MMM/MeMeMoi anyway! – debut UK performance by Korean indie/pop artist, Neon Bunny… That’s what!

Well, below is one review and by the brilliant London Korean Links – and I’m not just praising the site because it [well, Mr P Gowman really!] mentions me and my Efforts, Endeavours and Excellence… OK, that last ‘E’ was added by me, ‘for’ me.  Well, see my previous article for starters.

Back to June, the weather and Neon Bunny.

I was right in my previous article.  In other words, the weather for June has been very GOOD!  Albeit, the sun really starting shining the day Neon Bunny (Yoojin, plus her band) left for the airport.  I don’t see this as a bad sign but more of a good one… she cleared the dull skies, and perhaps it’s a run of good weather all the way up to the release of her NEW and eagerly awaited album – see the attached Exclusive INTERVIEW for details of this release.  It’s very, very, very soon!

Perhaps ‘weather’ could also be ‘whether’ because yours truly was panicking a little, as one would if in charge of a band, their booked venue, equipment and quite a lot more.  A really didn’t know whether it would get cancelled or something would go wrong!  A little of this is detailed in the aforementioned @LKLinks ( article:

However, if I was to add anything to that wonderful little article, it would be that not only arranging the venue and also some of the equipment, I also played my own small to large part in promoting and publicising the gig.

On that note, I must thank all these, who all listened, announced [on websites, blogs, Facebook & Twitter, and on the radio – as well as playing a song or two of Neon Bunny’s], wrote articles, attended on the night and generally spread the word: (John and others)

Plus, the bands who played that night.  Some great music and nice chats!

And of course, Neon Bunny:

Twitter & Instagram: @BeonNunny

(Her music can be found elsewhere, including on iTunes)

Sorry if I missed anyone.

Back to panicking… Apart from arranging the gig, there was the [finally] meeting of Neon Bunny and her merry men.

We met on the afternoon of the day of their London show.  I won’t go into what I worried about but it was all worth it in the end… both the meeting of the guys and the little concert itself.

Following that Friday, myself and NB and her fellows, or fellow musicians, walked around London, like tourists – well, they WERE tourists, even if one or two of them had visited this unfair city before.

So… What on earth is the point of this post?

Well, in those two days spent in the company of these 1 + 4 musicians, I (a.k.a. ‘MMM’ / ‘NNP’ / ‘JV’) interviewed “Neon Bunny”, or should I say “NB”?!

The result, of this exclusive and first ever filmed UK interview with Yoojin Lim [NB], will be published soon, but for now here’s a snippet.  In this short film she reveals some information about her NEW album… and I’ve copy & pasted my Vimeo / YouTube blurb below:

“Neon Bunny a.k.a. Yoojin LIM, a musician, songwriter and live performer extraordinaire.
After wowing audiences in South Korea, way over in the United States at the famous SXSW (South by SouthWest, Austin, Texas) festival and then dates in Europe which included Warsaw, Poland her mini tour culminated in London, United Kingdom on 3rd June 2016.
Even after all these dates this year, Neon Bunny still found time to chat to Jason Verney (;; KOREAN @dOKumENtARy) about her music and her brand new album.
Speaking to Ms LIM in London – in an exclusive and her first ever UK filmed interview – she reveals quite a bit about her music and performances.
In this ‘teaser’ for the full interview, Neon Bunny tells us the name of her new album and the exact release date. Look out for it!”

I’ll leave you with the Vimeo Video:

More videos by Jason Verney can be found via the YouTube film at the top of this article and at these places:

http://www.Genero.TV/watch-video/38133  [Damon Albarn (Blur; Gorillaz) interactive music video – Note:  If played on tablet or smartphone, an app download, “Interlude Player” may be required]

That is all!