“Want to meet me?”

No problem in that… just get in touch. However, I am referring to ‘virtually’ meeting me – read on.

“What am I up to?”

Apart from writing this and putting together the article? Quite a bit… but some of which will be revealed in the below video, and indeed my YouTube channel.

“Will I be making a new film?”

Some of you will know, or have seen from previous posts on this site, that I have made a short film, a music video, been script advisor & collaborated with others [just search for ‘JASON VERNEY’ on IMBD for a couple of those] but will I be doing more? Sure. The below video elaborates on at least one project.


“When am I ********* the next film?”

Well, the ********* could mean Directing or Reviewing [or something much worse!], and at least one of these answers you can find in the below video and others to come. If you want to know more, just sent me a message on any one of the Social Networks I am on.

“Who am I?”
“Where am I?”
“Why do I ask so many questions?!!!”

Perhaps only I can answer those!

But… in all seriousness, for those [un]fortunate enough to be my friend on Facebook, you will have seen the video below – a few weeks ago – and even a subsequent one.


Well, whether you have or not, it’s now on YouTube and others will follow. They will detail or expand on what I’m currently up to, be it a film I’m working on, video-work I’m taking part in or indeed have done before, other film related stuff and more.

If you fancy subscribing to my YouTube channel please do so – it would help me immensely, especially as I’m really not that far from having the amount of subscribers required to be issued with own & therefore personalised Channel name and URL.

You’ll find podcasts, clips from documentaries in the making, videography, talks I’ve done (relating to Korea and actually IN Korea), short films & more.