All the W’s:

Almost on a Wim I Went to Watch a film called Wind River.  Wow!

Why “Wow!”…?

Well, essentially for the film – I thought it was pretty good and exceeded my expectations.

But also, the day itself, consisting of the film itself, a re-re-re-visit to the beautiful Lexi cinema and a stumble upon Queen’s Park Day… in… errr… Queen’s Park prompted me to combine all these aspects into a Podcast.  This was no ordinary podcast – in fact, you may say it was LESS than ordinary! – as it was not recorded in our recording studio… No… It was ‘on the go’ / ‘on the fly’ / ‘off the cuff’!

And here it is:


[Recorded towards the end of 2017 (October 2017 to be almost precise!)…]


More details here:


The Lexi Cinema: