For those who not only follow but also on social media platforms I post on, you’ll perhaps know that I have been heavily involved with memorials relating to the Sewol (세월호 / 세월) ferry incident in 2014.

Firstly, pretty much every month since April 2014, when the terrible tragedy occurred I and other organisers have been standing in a dedicated silence or respect for those lost at sea on that fateful day, 16th April 2014.  Not only respect and in memory of those children and adults lost but also to show families of the victims that we are standing in solidarity with them.

I’ve also produced some video art related to Sewol, and another on the way, as well as a trip to Mokpo in South Korea, where the ferry currently is, along with volunteers and many families who often sleep there.

Not only this, but in speeches / presentations I’ve given in South Korea itself it has been a topic I’ve spoken on.

However, I also happen to be friends with some truly remarkable filmmakers who have dedicated their own time to making feature-length, short and indeed Oscar nominated films on this very subject of Sewol.

One of these, “In Their Absence” can be read about here:

Oscar-Nominated ‘In The Absence’ Takes Haunting Look At Sewol Ferry Disaster

Another friend, behind two feature-length films concerning Sewol – not to mention connections to other Sewol related ones – brought to my attention a special online and FREE screening of one of those, that being “CROSSROADS” (“크로스로드“).

At the foot of this article you’ll find a trailer for this particular film, as well as the aforementioned filmmaker friend, Mr George, in an interview for the film.

I’ll let you read what he has said about this:

“This coming Thursday (16th) will be the 6th anniversary of the Sewol ferry tragedy. Back in early 2016, I started filming with the family members and activists in the hope to produce a film about this tragic event and at the end of 2018, I had 2 finished feature-length films, After The Sewol and Crossroads – the film.

Every year since 2017 we have tried to organize some kind of event or screening of the films in memory of all those who lost their lives. These films are truly independent and were supported only through crowdfunding and the producer’s wallets and we have never stopped pushing for their distribution, even with the limited funding and resources we have available to us and the new projects we are undertaking.

Last year we showed a 38-minute special version in association with Asian Boss, and for the 6th year anniversary, we have been offered a broadcast slot on a small but well-known TV channel in Korea, tbs 시민의 방송.

So, on the 16th of April at 23:00 (KST), you will finally be able to watch the full-length version Crossroads! This will be streaming live across their platforms, so please check the links below if you’re interested in watching. Unfortunately, the Korean narrated sections do not have English subtitles but the majority of the film is in English, so I am sure you can enjoy the nice cinematography in those sections instead.

For future reference, the film will also be releasing across iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Microsoft Store UK in the near future, (with full English subtitles) having been delayed due to the Coronavirus. So, please stay tuned for updates on the release dates.

In the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, which is causing mass loss of lives around the world, let’s also not forget the tragic events like the Sewol tragedy, that has shaped our societies and led to changes within our systems. Let’s now hope for more changes!

I would like to thank everyone for the support we have had over the years and we will aim to continually produce new content on social issues and about human rights in the hope of raising more awareness both within Korea and around the world!

I hope that everyone is staying safe at home!

Never Forget 416!





So, whilst you’re indoors or wherever you may be please take a moment to see this film.  I can’t stress the importance of this tragic incident, not just for Koreans but for the world.

One or two other Sewol related articles shall follow in the not too distant future.

Thank you.