[Alternative, ‘alternative’ article title:  “SK vs UK vs maSKs”]

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What’s this?

The second non-Asian-film related article in a row?

Yes. However, it’s one that affects nearly everybody in this uncertain world right now… and… seeing as I’m someone who both visits Asia, works occasionally in Asia AND critiques Asian film, I feel this subject of MASKS and indeed CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) can be injected here on this platform.

Perhaps I could even link in the fact that I have bought masks*, whether a box of many of a packet of just a few – and varying kinds – in both Asia, for them to be used there (albeit usually for resisting any dust there may be), or purchasing them where I currently reside, the UK, albeit to take to Asia with me.

There seems now though that there is much confusion about masks, surgical or the more protective kind.

But first, an interesting and somewhat heart-warming article from the BBC.



Mixed messages are flying around everywhere, and not just to do with masks but also what drinks may ‘allegedly’ prevent contracting Coronavirus and/or it’s OK to go out in public OR “I’m not old enough to catch this disease”.

Similarly, people may remark “Oh, it’s just like the Flu” or “It’s no worse than the Flu” or indeed “People get a kind of Flu every year and people always die from Influenza” but this is in fact harmful to us, or others’ way of thinking.

We are told sometimes that this virus is NOT AIRBORNE, but surely in some ways it is. Why else would we be having to distance ourselves from others? What if a person sneezes or coughs??  I’ll elaborate more further down.

And… although it is NOT like the Flu, SARS, Swine Flu or any such diseases and viruses that doesn’t mean that masks this time around are pointless.


What I have surmised, and I’m sure I am not alone here – in fact, from talking to friends, family or even reading online [Noooooooo!!], I know this! – is that we have to use our own brains and judgement, & hearts in such times of confusion, fake news, media hype and more.

Based on research and a bit of common sense, here are the best reasons to wear a mask in these times of Coronavirus:

1. If you have the disease, and maybe you don’t know if you do yet, it may stop you from passing to the vulnerable – i.e. the elderly. Yes, we must not be selfish & think of ourselves only but think of the elderly, the vulnerable AND… well… anyone.

2. There is a reason for the 6 feet, 2 or 3 metre rule [OR 1.5, 1.8 or 4 – depending where you live?!] when standing next to somebody, particularly when queueing up or in crowded places. That reason is… if the person in front of you, or beside you COUGHS or SNEEZES, either before you stand there (maybe it’s just happened and you don’t know) or WHILST you stand in that spot, there is a big chance that DROPLETS** may fall directly on the mouth or nose area, or some of the face. Of course, the standard “surgical” mask doesn’t protect the eyes but it may help the rest of the face.

3. If you have touched a surface, person or anything else infected and then TOUCH your face you will potentially contract the disease – this is another good reason to wear a mask, because, as silly or small it may sound this thin layer of mask material acts as a barrier.

As they say, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”.

One thing I can agree with is that are the following:

  • The NHS need as many masks as possible and so they should also take priority.
  • If you have the simple “surgical” masks only throw away AFTER ONE USE.


Yes… one word… “DROPLETS”.

AND… on that word, this little article seems interesting enough (although there are more articles out there on the subject..):


It’s worth reiterating a fact we should all know, and that is one that all people, in whatever country, have their own reasons for wearing masks and whichever way your mind works we should not only be non-judgemental but consider WHY people do ‘that’

This video is quite good for the Western / Eastern confusion over masks:


*Buy masks I have, and see masks I do, both NOW worn by quite a few International people [due to this virus] and when I’m travelling in Asia – India, Cambodia, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, you name it – but as well, I see them in New Malden, the UK’s Korea-Town and Europe’s biggest or most populated.

It’s not just do this virus I see or have seen in New Malden, but instead it links a little into what the latter video says and thus the different mask culture in China, Korea, Japan etc.

All this has brought me to V-logging [Vlogging or Verney-logging!] about both Coronavirus and Korea, but also concerning masks!

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* Filks. A combination of Film and Folks.