You may not quite believe it but for once MMM is going to keep this article relatively short.

We’re well aware though, that for a website with such a name as this one, and includes the word “mini” in it – not once but twice! – can feature postings which are quite lengthy.

Not this time. Not quite anyway!

So, with all that in mind, we’re simply providing you with a podcast episode – part of Jason Verney’s [aka the founder of MiniMiniMovie] “F.L.I.C.K.S.” podcast series – and although that, ironically is a little long, we feel it does include every aspect possible when dealing with such a review or overview concerning the jam-packed London Korean Film Festival 2020.

This podcast covers the following:

  • The new or current website – plus its Pros & Cons.
  • A little about the LKFF (previous & current), strands and content.
  • The KCCUK & LKFF – their Korean Film Nights & Seasons, and venues.
  • Talks, Q & A’s and Introductions – some of which are still available to watch.
  • Bong Joon-ho shorts strand – plus the fact that ALL* his films are NOW on iTunes!
  • Meeting Bong Joon-ho, Jason Verney’s trips to – and speeches in – South Korea.
  • Korean films and interviews by MMM – & briefly about “Peninsula” (also on iTunes)
  • Byun Young Joo, ‘comfort women’ and other political issues**.
  • The film screenings still to come!***

*His film, “Okja” is the only one of Bong’s films not available on iTunes – it’s a Netflix film.

**The ‘comfort woman’ issue, the Gangjeong village navy base situation (Jeju Island) and Sewol namely are Korean causes yours truly is passionate about & in fact has given talks about in South Korea itself – links to such videos are at the foot of this article.

***There are TWO films screening in the cinema in the first week of December – details below.

Yes, due to the dreaded “C” word or indeed TWO “C” words, both the film “The Happy Life” (즐거운 인생) and the small titled yet BIG film “Ashfall” (백두산) [REVIEW] have been rescheduled and as such can be seen at the beautiful Genesis Cinema on the 4th December and 6th December, respectively.

These can be booked via either of the following:

Catch it at the @GenesisCinema on 4th December


Catch it at the @GenesisCinema on 6th December



This section is essentially for the YouTube PLAYLIST links promised to you, and here they are: