Has it really been that long?

Was it one year ago that my heart, pride and eyebrows were lifted?

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It certainly was.  In fact, my pride for Korea was not only enhanced by this GIANT film win in 2020 but also South Korea’s initial handling of the dreaded C-word(s) which still lives on.

I’m well aware that I am not Korean, but I am definitely not proud of my own nation [the not-so-Great Britain], which fails me and many, many others so many, many times, and 2020/2021 being the latest time. Yes, embarrassment and shame!

Perhaps it’s me who is a PARASITE on this land where I find myself, or the land/country/government are my PARASITE/S!

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Back on to the light topic of this article though…

Yes, at least TWICE I was proud of – and honoured to have an affiliation with – Korea in 2020, and coincidentally, it was last year which resulted in my meeting with director BONG JOON-HO himself… Not for the first time, but the second. Indeed, I am proud to say I’ve met and spoken to him TWICE.  

Now though, that we are living in a different world [altogether, some might say] it’s worth looking at how not only things have changed for cinema but for Mr Bong Joon-ho himself.

Many of us have taken our pleasure of viewing films to the comfort of our own homes, and when the world does start to resemble that normality for which we are accustomed, that very witnessing of films will have been changed forever.  And yes, I’m aware that online streaming and purchasing platforms existed before the C-word(s) but not in the same way and in fact, some platforms have had to invent new ways of putting films online, especially the lovely, struggling independent cinemas.

But… Parasite or Parallel?

As a kind of parallel, Mr Bong’s world has also changed or moved up, or perhaps sideways… and I’m not referring to the fact that he may not be able to frequent his favourite coffee place with his laptop and/or pen & paper – although Mr MMM is with him on that, as there is definitely something I miss about writing outside my home.

The parallel I refer to is of Mr Bong’s other films which are yet to grace out screens – be them BIG or living room sized.  You see, it’s already been talked of by BJ-H that he has a couple of film projects in motion, as such.  This is not to mention the talk of a “Parasite” TV show which will be coming our way, or the “Snowpiercer” Netflix serial which is already in existence.

Frankly, I’m not sure how I feel about making TV shows, serials, series based on films.  I know, I know, there are many, many individuals who will say that TV is as equally important as Film or that we need this part of ‘pop culture’, but I disagree on some level.  After all, it’s the TV stations, their advertisers and those which own either of these who gain monetarily.

It also keeps us glued to the ‘goggle box’ and thus to a sofa or armchair, although I’m aware that people also view such programmes while ‘on the move’, ‘on the go’ etc etc.  The pop culture aspect I also can’t fully buy into, but I’ll save that for another day.  

So, Mr Bong Joon-ho’s world is certainly ‘on the move’ too but we should note that he’s never really stopped making films and perhaps this is a good time to reiterate ALL the films he has made, or directed PRIOR to making “Parasite” and ultimately ‘stealing’ the Academy Awards & its many Oscars.  Much deserved in this humble writer’s opinion. 

And what better way fo reiterating those other Bong Joon-ho movies than by use of the article which MMM wrote about those films all being available online, and most of them to purchase online, INCLUDING the rare Black & White version of “Parasite”.  

Therefore, here is that article – within which it also touches on his short films and at least one he has STARRED IN (and we were lucky enough to have witnessed three of these thanks to the London Korean Film Festival 2020):


Only “OKJA” is not on iTunes (as it’s a Netflix production)

It’s fair to say that the pressure may be on for Mr Bong to create yet another masterpiece, after his triumphant win at the Oscars and elsewhere, but in all fairness let’s not all beat him down if it’s not what people expect – Let’s face it, that’s how a filmmaker or indeed musician can get treated if they don’t match their previous success. Instead, let’s remember that this is an art form and ultimately should not be about wins only or profit, profit, profit.

I will confess though, one of the other factors which swayed or persuaded myself to draft this article was to show some of the highlights over on my / MMM’s YouTube channel.  After all, last year a lot of effort was put into [even if yours truly enjoyed the ride!] reporting or documenting or indeed praising about Mr BONG JOON HO and “Parasite”.  

In fact, there is even a video snippet dating back to 2013 in Busan, South Korea when Mr Bong met Mr Tarantino. Yes, I’ve previously mentioned this but the memory and moment resounds strongly in MMM’s mind – and not least as it was the first time I met Mr Bong as well as witnessing “Snowpiercer” right there at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

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