Girls Worlds

In the last few days the two movies I’ve seen are “Somewhere” & “Morning Glory”. Both revolving essentially around male leads but distinctly female encompassing. By the latter I mean that although the male may take centre stage the films work through the female characters. Very clever. And not least, I must add (although I doubt I need to) that Somewhere is directed by the pure woman that is Sofia Coppola.
Somewhere – I heard people say that this was a slow film or “‘starts off slow” they yelled etc but this was surely intended to be so. I mean, the central character seems to be numb with his existence and trappings of fame, as much as he could acquire so much more happiness, you’d think …. or at least Sofia would have us believe.
‘Poledancers’ is all I’ll say for what you could think as a long drawn out scene but purely intentional, and so is the outcome of the scene – this man could ‘have’ anyone (yes, I men ‘have’ in every way) but does he do the deed? Well, I really can’t say. It ultimately doesn’t matter…his looks say it all. But there is no denying this man is a player at heart, or definitely is because it comes with the territory. Of course, most men, at some time or another ponder on living life as a player, I’m sure. I am one after all – a man, not a player.
Without giving away too much…Enter his daughter, a sweet, seemingly grounded girl despite her elders and their trappings. You could say that you already know where this is headed but you’ll tell yourself that you don’t care anyway. Let’s see what Sofia has in store for us.
I will say that from the poster, trailer and general thoughts on this film it didn’t ultimately lead to what I thought it would be – and this can only be a good thing. Meaning, you expect man-meets-woman and the whole ‘love grows’ situation & climax. The ‘love grows’ stigma may exist in this movie but perhaps not in the way you’d think.
Yes, it’s a slow movie and indulges in Hollywood. It doesn’t use Hollywood glamour to breathe an expensive film but instead shows us the trimmings or tripping-ups which go with tinsel-town. People who are shocked of its slowness in places surely have not taken Lost In Translation to heart and admired Ms Coppola’s film-making.
Finally, one thing Sofia (may I call her that? Yes, I may;) does brilliantly is audio…both musically and the crackly sound, which I like to call atmospheric. It’s not clean-cut and crisp but authentic. And like our also non-clean-cut central male, you’re left jaded but comfortably so.
Enjoy this film with a vino to feel the real jaded experience.
OK, on to Morning Glory – a film I saw on a Evening, Cold – it is better than I anticipated. I feared from the poster and I guess from the trailer too a shout back to films of yesteryear, such as Working Girl.
Sure, this had glimpses of cringe-worthy scenes a la Bridget Jones but Edge Of Reason it was not. Thankfully it wasn’t penned by Richard Curtis either – in my opinion, you’re definitely in cringe-territory then! Although the makers do have a connection to the Notting Hill film.
The writing on this piece was brilliant – slapstick, wit & putdowns galore but in an almost intelligent way.
Rachel McAdams is the main girl but some may say – and rightly so – that Ms Keaton is. One thing’s for sure, Harrison Ford is the lead male or should that be ‘lead anchor’. He comes across as genuinely someone you want to punch, more Grouchy than the Grinch at a Garage-sale full of Grey-haired elves…Apologies, I almost ended up in the Richard Curtis writing circle there. But…Mr Ford lets this grumpy persona down a little and just when you need it.
I did cringe, especially when I thought the romantic scenes – of which there are not many – would turn into the predicted mush that they can become. I also tried to contain my smirks, especially when the rest of the auditorium were laughing – but, you know? …There are some real uncontrived laugh-out-loud moments in this gem.
I don’t want to give away the plot – and it’s truly not written by rocket-scientists – but its definitely errr what’s the word… Satisfying. Even some of the shots and special camera effects are good & the music is well used.
Lastly, Mr Goldblum doesn’t have much to say – you may give a sigh of relief – but the little he does is rather amusing, as is most of the cast’s dialogue. So, just like the unexpected but belly-aching quips which come from the screen it will leave you happy to watch it for just a few moments more and then more…and well, you get it.
…And when you tell your friends at work, when they ask the following day how it was you’ll definitely be flashing a Morning Glory smile across your face.