You see… This is not necessarily a NEW Story but I do like to think it’s a NEWS Story.

I frequent this particular venue quite often and a few recent visits prompted me to come to terms with the sorrow and anger boiling up in me regarding what faces it, or rather its potential future.

And how does one do that?

By writing about it, I guess.

Essentially though, this article and writing is more an elaboration of what I posted on social media recently.  It got quite a bit of interest and so that with the urge to make as many people aware of this, and other similar problems happening right now [and surely it will only get worse?!] is was made this posting come to fruition.

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First posted on Instagram (and Twitter & Facebook): Sunday 10th April 2016:

“Both yesterday & today I’ve met my friends at @CurzonSoho, London’s beloved and perhaps favourite branch of the @CurzonCinemas.

This venue and other places around really need as much support as they can get, due to #CROSSrail (note my emphasis on the word ‘Cross’… Maybe ANGRYrail would also do).


People will recall that the row of Korean/Japanese restaurants, a Korean hairdressers and more near Centrecourt at Tottenham Court Road (not to mention nearby ‘music streets’ having famous stores close) started to close a while ago… many of you may therefore already know what Crossrail’s plans are.

They’re, unfortunately, destroying huge chunks of London’s attractions, history and… well… simply places which make London what it is*! [*soon to become ‘was’!]
Now… I’m fully aware that similar things are happening in other parts of the world but we can try and do what we can here.

Stephen Fry and Mr Cumberbatch are trying to keep this Curzon here but it needs much more!

Check out this 90 second #CurseForCurzon video involving… yes, you’ve guessed it… ‘Cursing’ of the ‘Curzon’ situation [literally swearing!]

Also, check out

and – the petition to save it is there!

Incidentally, after meeting a friend today at the #CurzonSoho and a takeaway meal from Bibimbap Cafe (Museum Street, opposite British Museum) I then ended up at another award-winning [its ‘pretty’ new & ‘pretty’ inside refurbishment got the architecture much accolades, I believe] Curzon – the one at Russell Square, the Curzon Bloomsbury, also known as Curzon Renoir to many.  Indeed, it now also boasts 6 screens including 1 dedicated to documentaries… the first of its kind in the UK, I believe.  Not only this, it’s hosted films as part of certain festivals, including the Chinese Visual Festival [look out for an article concerning the CVF 2016 soon].

That is all.”

Slightly abridged version.  Original posted on Instagram by @JasianVerney (aka @MiniMiniMovies and @_dOKumENtARy… and @NativeNomadPics, if you count Twitter as well).

(Perhaps the latter ‘home cinema’ link of theirs shouldn’t be posted as it may encourage more people to watch films online rather than in their lovely independent cinemas.  But I don’t think so… People go to such cinemas for the experience.  Sure, Curzon cinemas may be growing in the back ground – just check out their connection with Artifiicial Eye [and my recent posting concerning the very reasonably priced titles they had/have on iTunes UK] – but they still feel like very special venues with a very unique feel)