I’ll keep this article small, sweet and perhaps a little cute, just like the venue it relates to!

So… You’ve heard of the rather unique Lexi Cinema, in Kensal Rise, London?

If you haven’t, you can read quite a bit about it in previous posts of mine.  Essentially the links under this ‘TAG’:


And, on YouTube (also the same episodes can be found on iTunes)…

Sure, you may also find further podcasts on my channel which relate to the Lexi cinema, as well as other articles on this site, but this one – below – is the latest at the time of going to print:

However, back to the reason for this article… It essentially relates to that latter podcast and the Lexi’s wonderful little, yet large FILM Season, gorgeously named “LEXI FILM SCHOOL” and below are is a little information about it (via the Lexi’s lovely website) and a pic…