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The title… It may sound familiar…

And, I mean both the title of this article and the name of the film.

Memoirs, Memories, Murder, Murders & Murderers, haven’t we had enough?

Sure, there have been films with names which sound like “Memoir of a Murderer” – and I’m convinced that many of you will know which one/s I’m referring to – but this one is [obviously?] different.

“Memoir of a Murderer” is, to largely reference the information provided by those good guys over at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, a film about a serial killer… but of course, there’s more to it.

And to quote the aforementioned KCCUK’s blurb on the film…:

“Serial killers are popular figures in South Korean cinema, and their shocking tales of murder hold a tight grip on the neck of their box-office. In Memoir of a Murderer, one elderly killer’s grasp loosens as his memory begins to fail, but a dangerous new foe is ready to take his place…

In his youth, Byung-su (Sul Kyung-gu, The Merciless) was a ruthless serial killer, but now he’s fallen prey to foes every bit as vicious as his younger self: old age and Alzheimer’s. Having long since given up his hobby of removing from society those he felt unworthy of life, the former murderer has settled into a quiet existence looking after a daughter (Seol-hyun, Gangnam Blues) who has no knowledge of his heinous crimes. While a diary helps Byung-su recall his colourful past, the present is becoming increasingly fractured as his memory fails. When a new murderer appears in town, a chance encounter sees the old killer quickly recognise one of his own kind, but when this new threat makes his daughter the next target, remembering has become a matter of life and death.

Director Won Shin-yun (The Suspect) echoes the mental state of our unreliable guide in the snowy landscapes and dark tunnels that infuse a cold style to his fragmented thriller. Actor Sul Kyung-gu (also featuring in our June Teaser Screening, 1987: When the Day Comes) provides a multi-faceted performance in a film adapted from the novel of celebrated author Kim Young-ha. Memoir of a Murderer debuted in the number one spot at the Korean box-office; its psychological twists and dark thrills promise equal appeal to UK audiences.”




(Also on iTunes … search under “JASON VERNEY”)


EVEN MORE INFO…? (Including more Korean films, plus Korean art, music & more…)

Anyway, what are “London Korean Film Festival 2018 Teaser Screenings”?


I’ll let the LKFF / KCCUK explain:

London Korean Film Festival 2018 Teaser Screenings:
Extending the work of and then building up to the annual London Korean Film Festival in the autumn, the teaser screenings showcase a diverse range of contemporary Korean cinema across the year. The screenings are scheduled to take place monthly at either Regent Street Cinema or Picturehouse Central in London, as well as the Arts Picturehouse Cambridge.

Again… The London Korean Film Festival 2018 presents Memoir of a Murderer at Regent Street Cinema and Arts Picturehouse Cambridge, Monday 21 May.