[Alternative (and poetic) article title:
“LKFF 2017, There We Went;  LKFF 2018, Here We Go…
And to an Everyday Gent, Mr Bae Chang-ho!”]

You may have heard that the London Korean Film Festival 2018 begins on the FIRST of November and runs through to the Fourteenth.  Actually, the 14th is not the last we see of the festival, because it then begins its FIRST leg of a UK tour.  More details can be found here:




FIRSTLY, this is a ‘little’ piece about my FIRST thoughts on this year’s LKFF and in particular about when I FIRST heard of a certain “Special Focus” section they’re running. This is also not the last you’ll hear on the subject, I’m sure, but it is the FIRST (and probably the FIRST part of two or three!), and as such gives you the FIRST glimpse of what to expect!

Now… FIRST up is the title of that aforementioned section – which is “Special Focus: A Slice of Everyday Life“.

[Wordplay over though and on to the semi-seriousness of this article.]

You see, upon hearing about this section or strand in the London Korean Film Festival’s 2018 edition, I couldn’t help but think one thing, mainly.  This was soon followed by a couple of other thingies, facts or coincidences.

Whether it was the Press Launch announcement on stage itself or when I spotted the information in the LKFF 2018 Launch information sheets just before that, I’m certain of one thing:  My mind almost immediately thought of the kind of Korean films I find so endearing, whilst also harking back in my mind and memory to the wonderful old classics [errr… aren’t most classics old?!] of Mr Bae Chang-ho which were screened last year at the LKFF, 2017… obviously… in a the most aptly named strand, “Classics Revisited:  Bae Chang-ho”.

Bae Chang-ho can be seen, amongst other great stuff in this “highlights” from LKFF 2017 video:

Incidentally, whilst I managed to catch at least one of his films* and Q & A’s, I didn’t get to interview him or take part in any group interview with Mr Bae [whereas I did manage an Interview with Kim Saebyuk – seen in the above video – and others] due to certain circumstances and one or all of these…:

A) Not realising the greatness of Bae Chang-ho & his genius!

B) Forgetting it is he who made the quaint “The Trip (여행)” and whom scripted and even starred in the wonderful “Gagman (개그맨)“… (see below for reviews of BOTH)

C) Having been ‘offered’ the chance to interview him, and then the offer not being visibly forthcoming later in the festival..

D) Simply my busy festival and non-festival schedule!

That said, having practically brushed shoulders with him at a venue or two and NOT approaching him – even though knowing, and having on good authority that he’s a lovely, friendly guy – when indeed I could have [although, frankly, what does a smalltime filmmaker like myself say to such a master??] perhaps it’s just as well I didn’t burden him with my smalltalk.

My Quinn of HangulCelluloid, and one or two others present did grasp that interview opportunity and you can read the transcription here on HC’s brilliant website:


* Excuse my memory loss, but last year’s festival was pretty full on for me, and what with also lately noticing that certain ‘classics’ of his are also available [legally] on YouTube, via the Korean Film Archive official YouTube channel and so some screenings merge, or merged into one sometimes!



Bae Chang-ho even has a dedicated playlist there also.

I will say that my reviews of two films of his which he wrote, starred in &/or directed, “The Trip” and “Gagman” are below, at the foot of this article – Note:  “Gagman“, which he was scriptwriter on and had a role in, was actually directed by Lee Myung-se, and HE (whom I have indeed interviewed) is returning to London for this year’s LKFF 2018!  Yes, Lee Myung-se is back… and he too now has a dedicated strand:


MiniMiniMovie’s Lee Myung-se Interview


I may have drifted a little off subject there and apologies if that read like ‘A Slice of MY [Everyday] Life’ but in Part 2 I’ll definitely get more to the point, or at least reveal a little bit of insight into this Special Focus strand.

For now, just see what we’re to expect in this strand (via the below link) and indeed see for yourself / decide for yourself / look after yourself… in this everyday life…


P. S.  For those who know the films of Bae Chang-ho, the era or eras to which most of his films are associated with, the style or theme, or simply KNOW cinema in general or indeed Korean cinema, you may guess already, or even already be aware, that this 2018 strand is not quite like his strand of 2017.  However, there certainly are some true classics in this “A Slice of Everyday Life” strand.

However, are there some kind of similarities?  Any common themes?  I’ll elaborate in Part 2!

For now, here is the London Korean Film Festival 2018 trailer…


Film-review Footnote: