If you think that the only film reviews I, OR MiniMiniMovie.com write, record or indeed film on video are ASIAN ones, think again…

Indeed, you only have to look back a few articles to see one ‘rambling’ review I recorded (whilst out rambling!) concerning the Adam Sandler and [Benny & Josh] Safdie brothers film, “Hidden Gems”.

Have I recently Crashed my own System? Are we also not living in a world where a virus has interrupted our lives, politics and welfare and therefore living in a time of Crashed Systems? 

So, what’s this one all about?

Well, this in itself is a ‘gem’ of a film. Director Nora Fingscheidt has done a fantastic job with this tale of a [very] troubled young girl, Benni.

In fact, it would appear it’s also known as “Benni” in France.

Equally fantastic, if not more so is the young actress who plays Benni – Helena Zengel… WOW! That’s all I can say.

I will say that, having witnessed this film ahead of its UK release date of 27th March 2020, on Curzon Home Cinema, the information supplied in the following link will explain even more:


It’s worth noting that this release would have been in cinemas, but like most films now this can’t happen due to venues closing, ‘thanks’ to the Coronavirus.

Of course, different countries or territories may have different release dates and/or platforms.  We noticed that the title seems to be on Netflix or coming to Netflix, and as a Netflix ‘Original’, so there is hope that you can see this wherever you are.

But I’ll leave you with my spoiler-free podcast review for this German film, as well a link to the trailer. The podcast can also be found on iTunes – just search for Jason Verney (aka MMM!)

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That’s all Filks…!

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