Around a decade ago, two distribution companies, along with their array of Asian film titles and their yearly Far East film festival* helped to shape not only this website but also my growing passion for such movies, and none more so than their Japanese and Korean titles.

Avid readers of this website will perhaps have already guessed which companies I’m referring to.  They are, of course Terracotta Distribution and Third Window Films.

Between them they they not only brought us a yearly festival**, free movie screenings, free film ‘meet-up’ nights and their own films on DVD but also a ray of sunshine into the lives of those who love Asian films.  There really was, to my knowledge nothing like them around.

I’ve written about this a few times before, but they’ve had their fair share of sad times too:

1) The 2011 riots, which resulted in them, and other companies having an immense load of stock destroyed by fire

2) Struggling to keep up with rising fees, relating to getting their films shown in cinemas, and put on to DVD, what with all the processes involved – which, for such independents is no easy feat this days

3) An end to the aforementioned festival.

In 2018 though, some good news perhaps, as they were pretty much saved by Arrow Films [incidentally, another company affected by the riots] and you can read about that, and more in this article:

And… rather rapidly, that suddenly takes up to NOW and what this article is about!

For much of July, ARROW FILMS and with THIRD WINDOW FILMS are having a giant SALE [UP TO 70% certain titles / items].  We’re talking BLU-RAY, DVDs and even DIGITAL!

It’s the latter which interested me the most especially as I use iTunes!

Yes, on certain online platforms you can BUY many of their films for £2.99 and that’s for the Higher Quality / HD versions!

So, the first thing I did was type “THIRD WINDOW” on iTunes and saw what they had available.  Now, these are the prices I don’t mind paying!!  I love a bargain!  And… not least because many of Third Window’s titles I own on DVD, some of which have been watched once, still unopened ones (having scene them on the big screen only at that time OR just highly recommended ones) but also due to the NOSTALGIA I hold.

Nostalgia?  Yes.  Now, I could be referring to DVDs themselves as even they sound a little dated at times!  (This coming from a man who was obsessed with collecting Videos, and then DVDs and now a little hooked on DIGITAL versions!!) – But… Nostalgia for certain films, the days of the Film Screenings / meet-up nights of around a decade ago and just, well, nostalgia for what Third Window [and Terracotta Distribution, although ‘digital wise’ not so much of a bargain to be had, currently] brought to myself and many others.

Now I’m not going to list everything Third Window Films and Arrow Films etc have to offer – you can see for yourselves – but I will sum-up the digital array currently on iTunes [and possibly other such platforms]!

Firstly, a load of films by SION SONO… Not all but a few!  “Love Exposure” was a must for me, and a “Himizu” purchase is probably coming in the next few hours also!  I did buy “The Whispering Star”, solely based on what I’d heard and how beautiful it looks.  It’s worth noting that another title I found at £2.99, which DIDN’T come up when I typed in “THIRD WINDOW” was Sion Sono’s “Love & Peace” [it came up, along with even more titles, when I searched under SION SONO] … I bought that too!  Please bear in mind that both Sion Sono and Shion Sono [and other variants] are one and the same…

I couldn’t resist snapping up both “Sawako Decides” and “Mitsuko Delivers” (both by Yuya Ishii), not least for the nostalgic feeling I get.  Incidentally, Sawako is played by the much-adored Hikari Mitsushima, she of Love Exposure and many other films.

And hear this!…: “Fish Story”, which is currently on iTunes as a pre-order is also £2.99…!

Just some of the Third Window / Arrow titles available on iTunes for £2.99.

“Greatful Dead” is another title I had to grab, if only for the wonderful actress Kim Kkobbi – it’s not easy to get ‘legit’ and English language copies of movies with her in here in the UK.

I’m still toying with the idea of getting “One Cut Of The Dead”, the recent unique Japanese indie hit.

As if that wasn’t enough, I then added more pain and decisions for myself by typing in the Search area “ARROW FILM” – well, I knew this would be the case!  Of course, Arrow do more than just Asian films and there are many a classic to be had for that same LOW PRICE.  However, seeing as I’m talking about Japanese and other Asian films I’ll just cover briefly a few of those which you’ll find…

There are TWO films by Kore-ada Hirokazu, “I Wish” and “Like Father, Like Son” and for KOREAN film fans there is at least Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy”!

We also have the much-revered Chinese film, by Jia Zhang-ke, “A Touch Of Sin” and his amazing and epic “Mountains May Depart” which I’m pretty sure I only saw in the cinema [UK] a few months ago.

To top things off, ALL FOUR of the “Female Prisoner Scorpion” films are £2.99 on iTunes (also Arrow, but just like “Love & Peace” they do not come up when you use the search / keywords of “Arrow Film”).

There are also a few Takashi Miike titles too!

So, now you have an idea of what I do in my spare time (!) as well as what Arrow Films, Third Window Films and indeed other companies have to offer… and I mean, “OFFER!”

As I update this posting, I should reiterate please note that this OFFER ends on the 21st July (although the the website and “Camp Arrow Video” image above suggests that the DIGITAL aspect may end on 20th July)!

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*Terracotta Far East Film Festival – many articles can be found on this site.

**As above! Plus the “Touring” version of that festival.


Lastly, a SHOWREEL for some of Third Window’s Films, and one which I have ALWAYS LOVED!!