NOTE: We are now have around 20 episodes available.

Here at MMM, we’ve championed what the platform MUBI do on many occasions throughout the last decade, even if the way it works has changed a bit over the years.

(See here for a few examples:

And recently, Mubi UK handed us a load of brilliant* South Korean films, practically ‘on a plate’.

What was initially announced as 8 films, later changed a little – for example, “Beasts Clawing At Straws” got replaced by another film.  If this wasn’t enough, Mubi UK then added a couple more, so that ultimately there were 10 great South Korean films to view on their platform.

It didn’t seem right to produce an article for this news – partly due to the aforementioned alterations or additions to the line up, but also perhaps due to the fact that yours truly was busy spreading the news far and wide, via social media platforms, Facebook groups etc and indeed our #NoSoKoPo podcast [see below] – or if I had to give another reason, it would be that time simply ran away with me… or should that be, without me?!

Yes, other projects, podcasts and more – & indeed life events  – got in the way, as did the fact that my mid-length short film, “Reparation” had been selected for film festivals and there was much needed to prepare for those.

What’s the NoSoKoPo, you ask…?

Well… In my [Jay] and Tim’s Not So Korean Podcast episodes we chat about all things Korean, and broadcast most shows from Europe’s largest Korea-Town / Korean community – yes, that town is NEW MALDEN.

Below this wordy introduction, are examples of some recent episodes, and those which include information on this Mubi UK mini-series, but also the London Korean Film Festival.

You may be wondering, why bother posting about this NOW?

To explain the reasoning, here is a bit of background…

Basically, these 10 marvellous little Korean films were all sitting there on Mubi UK – well, we weren’t sure if even more would be added too! – and although Mr MMM [me!] had witnessed a few of these already, it was also a case of frantically, or when time would allow, trying to view those which hadn’t been seen before.  In fact, there was one which I simply didn’t finished seeing… Had I seen it before? Was it mediocre?

Then, Mubi’s “Leaving Soon” section – a part of the website not that easy to land on [] – gave MMM (and potentially anyone else out there who pays attention to that page) more reason to A) Spread the word… again… about ‘this’ sad news, and B) Attempt to finish or even start watching one or two titles which would be soon gone.

So… Yes, 3 titles have left, but there are 7 more – and they are GOOD ones!

Correct.  You may have missed out on “Moonlit Winter”, “Last Child” and “Idol” but there’s plenty to enjoy – and they are:

“Moving On”


“The First Lap”


“The Bacchus Lady”

“Lucky Chan-sil”

“Winter’s Night”

And yep… avid readers of may notice a few of those titles – either due to a review, an article about the film or an interview with the actors/directors, or a combination!

Furthermore, Mubi usually has either a FREE Trial running or a £1 Trial, so there’s no real excuse to miss out on these films.  Even if you do happen to pay to subscribe, you may also cancel at any time.

Below are the promised links / episodes.

Note:  This podcast is available on all good music and podcast platforms but I’ve decided to provide the video links, as we’ve transitioned more into a visual show than solely an audio one [which already just happened to also be uploaded to YouTube]… because… that’s the way we’ve been rolling for a little while now

Your platform of choice (and more) can be found via this link:




A few other episodes in which we discuss this Mubi KOREAN FILM season (+more!) can be found below:

Oh, and here are a few others – most / all of which contain chit-chat about Korean movies and more…

*Brilliant?  Well… To back up or partly back up this hype, MMM has indeed seen some of these and also reviewed more than one of them!