This MiniMiniMovie website has been a little inactive of late but there’s good reason for that.

Well, sure, if I’d been more productive, better at multitasking and more focused, I could have perhaps written an article recently, whether to do with mine and Tim’s “Not So Korean Podcast” series, the London Korean Film Festival 2022, the Busan International Film Festival 2022 (which I immersed myself in whilst in Korea for almost 3 months) or other filmic events, or travel news/vlogs, but I’ve been so busy and/or distracted.

In case you are not aware, I’m still in Asia and in fact have just begun my 6th month here – the longest ever time being in Asia – and already visited 3 countries, those being South Korea, Thailand and Laos.  

The other thing I’ve got to post about is the 4 screenings in South Korea of my 30-minute drama film, “REPARATION”, but where to start?!

Hmmm.  How about one of the Q & As I took part in whilst in Korea?  Yep, this one features myself speaking about that film, alongside two other brilliant Korean directors.



The above video contains questions and answers relating to recent films by the following film directors:

* Seayun Lee (이새윤), director of “JUJUMAN – If You Meet Chow Yun-Fat At Jumunjin” (“주문진에서 주윤발을 만난다면” )

* Sukyun Jeong (정숙윤), director of “The Reason For Blushing” (“얼굴이 붉어진 이유”)

* Jason Verney (제이슨 버니), director of “Reparation” (“배상”)

This discussion took place in Jochiwon Cultural Garden and formed part of the Aporia International Village Film Festival and the Jochiwon Film Festival, which took part in both Jochiwon (조치원 / 조치원읍) and Sejong City (세종시 / 세종).

I’ll leave you all with a trailer for the film: