Everyone is talking about it.

What? “Parasite”…??

Well, indeed they are, although people and award-givers alike speak highly too of films like “Little Women”, “1917”, “Honey Boy”, “Rocketman”, “For Sama” and more!

However, I’m referring to the movie, “Uncut Gems”. In fact, it’s perhaps as equally good as one or two of those films listed in the latter paragraph – Incidentally, MMM has witnessed them all – if not better, and certainly unique.

In fact, so much so that I was compelled to do an off-the-cuff / on-the-fly / on-the-go / on-the-pathway (?) / off-the-beaten-track (??!) VIDEO REVIEW of this cinematic ‘masterpiece’.

Yes. Some of you may be aware already that MMM, or probably more accurately, Jason Verney already has a podcast for film reviews and more, but this time ‘we’ decided to take things to the next level…

After all, MiniMiniMovie.com‘s sister company of Native Nomad Pictures (NativeNomadPictures.com) is involved with filmmaking, videography, video art and more and as such there is already a Vimeo channel for such filmic content, but perhaps more relevant is the YouTube channel, “Native Nomad NOW” [note: that name may change in the future]… and so… that’s where this review can be found, along with other podcasts, plus films, plus short films, plus… well… you name it!

To give you a taster or teaser of the video in question, and to show that the review of “Uncut Gems” is also a Rather Raw and ‘Uncut’ piece of film itself, here’s a snippet of it, where I get ‘attacked’ by a fluffy dog or two…

So… without further ado, here, in the form of what we sometimes refer to as a V-log [Verney log], is that Rather Rambling (whilst out ‘Ramblin’?!) Review – or perhaps it’s better called a Mini Mini* Movie itself:

*After all, the review itself is minimal, almost ponder-like and spoiler-FREE!

See You Later, [or “L’asia”?] & That’s all, Filks*!


I should add that, yet again, I was able to see such a film for FREE, courtesy of Mubi GO – yes, that part of Mubi which gives each subscriber a FREE WEEKLY CINEMA SEAT! See MMM’s article below for more insight. In fact, I’ve since caught their latest FREEBIE, and that being Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life”.


* Filks. A combination of Film and Folks.