Film: Life In A Day

UK Release Date: 17th June 2011 (beginning with Vue cinemas first)

Year: 2011

Director: Kevin MacDonald

Bonus: Q & A with editors, including Joe Walker.

Venue: Empire, Leicester Square

Production Company: Scott Free UK

Executive Producer: Ridley Scott


You, You & You…


I left the Canary Wharf part of town pretty much at 5pm on the nose. I needed to be in Leicester Square by 18:30.

…I was bizarrely & crazily early…17:30!

So, there I was standing in the Empire cinema at 30 to 6. Well early. I hung around like a patient necklace on one’s neck. What was I there for? Well…

This was a blogging event, “Bloggers Event 1” to give the night it’s rightful name, I believe…and although I think I’ve mastered the art of blogging [so much so that my reviews have now become an actual site] it’s always interesting to hear the latest on such a platform.

But this evening was to include more than a lesson on the pretty-well-known. Indeed, it included much more – even if at the time of attending it was only an outline known about it.


At this point, I should give a shout out to Kate and Paris who’d suggested that I still attend to see if I could catch the whole event, by this I mean film trailers and movie which were later to be shown…and not just the ‘bloggers segment’. You see…I’d missed an opportunity and chance of obtaining entry in the correct manner – this could well have been due to the night’s popularity. Anyway, thanks ladies.

First up? A very knowledgable guy in the field of WordPress, the platform which has taken the blogging world by storm. He took us through WordPress and it’s basics, incidentally using a presentation feature from WordPress itself.


A short break followed in which there were complimentary drinks available. I resisted as I recently started another no-alcohol period [oo-er that sounds, err well…].

And we were back in this Empire’s screening theatre & once settled we were introduced to Alex Zane, who was the hired-hand chosen to present this next segment. Alex, wow what can I say? He’s a quit witted, fast on his feet, humour-filled guy. I tell you this but I’m sure many of you know his persona from TV – but me? I, of course know his work too but not of late due to my TV blackout. Indeed, it’s been a while since I tuned into television…no doubt I will at some point but it’s got little to offer me presently.

Now, what was Alex here to present? A combination of items:

  • News of the summer ahead – 2011 being apparently one focused on ‘comedy & action’
  • Statistics (made hilarious by Alex)
  • A trailer reel for the forthcoming blockbuster/other movies – twice
  • A trailer reel of 3D movies, for which we had been provided glasses.
The Zany Mr Zane

Frankly (and this is only my unique opinion), I don’t think we needed to see the main trailer reel twice, as much as Alex humoured us – and himself – along to watch it a second time. I probably don’t need to mention to you my thoughts on the sort of movies being displayed, as I stated them here before:

But this is what these events are essentially about and I, as are others am grateful to attend such events, viewings & previews.

Another break…it was now ticking up to 8pm.

And then, we’re ‘back in the room’. A couple of guys, David and Lance were up briefly. They produce a kind of video blog on the internet named “Talking Pictures -‘with Lance and David’” and showed us a clip. They’re actually a couple of funny lads – which I’d guess you’d expect of doing such a blog – who amused the audience with a bit of a background about their stuff. Check them out here, if you like…:

[If this event, so far made me realise one thing, its the effect that someone else’s laughter engages on oneself causing them – or myself – to laugh further. Alex Zane and Lance & David would cause laughter – then just when you think you’ve smiled enough, a distant giggle is heard, enflaming more laughter in others. Oh How We laugh At Others Who Laugh.]


Onwards… Now, this next segment was initially thought to be a secret preview showing of a foreign language feature film and I guess in many ways it is, and was. I’m also glad that I was allowed to stay for this, a monumental and seminal event in cinema – You see, except for Sundance and maybe one or two other festivals, this was a Premiere of sorts. One of the film’s editors introduced this picture, called “Life In A Day”.

Produced by Scott Free UK and so ‘presented’ by Ridley Scott & Tony Scott, the film was made in conjunction with YouTube and sponsored by LG, amongst other companies I’m sure.

Life In A Day – or you could probably rename it The World In A Day – is the brainchild of Ridley Scott & Kevin MacDonald but technically speaking it is ‘directed’ by Kevin MacDonald.

[Note: Kevin MacDonald’s The Eagle can be found reviewed here:]



To coin an often used line “It starts [not] like any other film…” I begin this review, and how could this movie be anything like others? Randomness ensues but a story does unfold. The story [plot-spoiler alert…not!] is one of a day, an ordinary day. Wow! Did you guess? And involves the whole world…oh you guessed that too?!

Indeed it may be an ‘ordinary’ day but this is what makes this an ‘extraordinary’ documovie. From the very early hours of July 24th 2010 we see the day unfold and not in one or two countries, but up to 192 of them.

From dawn’s early light through to the last few minutes of this day we are taken on a visual and audio journey with astounding filmwork, whether it be by an amateur or professional. Either way, it’s striking and beautiful & often strikingly beautiful.

Her beautiful colour matches the grey canvas background.

The characters we meet are so varied but I wouldn’t want to spoil your viewing pleasure – plus, if the truth be told I couldn’t possibly remember all the remarkable human beings in the picture [To give you an idea, there are 331 clips compiled here]. But, these characters include:

  • An Asian father and son. What they are doing for their mother is so very touching. But where is she?
  • A Korean cyclist – He has been cycling through various countries now for a long while, I won’t say how long – even such a film has potential spoilers. It’s interesting and a tad shocking to hear about any accidents which he has had.
  • An animal – perhaps a scene not suitable for vegetarians… Even I, a current meat-eater was hit by this scene and another split-second shot. But all this is essential in a story which, after all is about life in this world.
  • A seemingly reactionary dog, on hearing his young master’s confession to his mother.
  • An old couple renewing wedding vows – but perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

There really is so much Humanitarianism, Humanism & Unison on display. We are all Human ‘Beings’, after all.


As amazing as this film is, I’m amazed too that it took so long for someone to do such a thing.

The Q & A with the two editors revealed the following:

  • An enormous 4500 hours of footage was submitted to them (80,000 submissions!)

[Incidentally, there has been an online access-database built so that users can see their own submissions – you can dip in out of various clips]

  • This had to be whittled down to 1.5 hours.
  • When footage had been selected, the provider (i.e. Joe Public) would have to be contacted again to re-submit the uncompressed, and therefore original footage [as it is compressed when uploaded to YouTube.
  • A handful of questions – on Love, Fear etc – were used to get certain varying responses on camera. This could be either in their words, or perhaps in their actions.
  • A building contained a load of selectors and editors working all through many days to help to realise the finished product.

Lastly, the music is sublime. As much as I’m not one for spoilers, do check out the trailer – found below. You see, it won’t spoil a thing. The trailer itself is magical in music, vision and human emotion.

I hope the trailer touches you in the way the actual film touched me.

The end of my review – it’s all IN A DAY’s work, for me…

…and whilst the world moves past so fast, we often move at a snail’s pace…I guess that’s just the human race…

…such is LIFE.