For this third and final article about the London Korean Film Festival 2018’s strand “Special Focus: A Slice of Everyday Life” I wanted to focus on what is perhaps a little known fact, or 2… or 3.

Speaking of 3, the sub-heading I’ve used, “Three Films feat. Kim Kkobbi + Three Features with Yang Ik-june” is perhaps a little misleading, especially regarding Yang Ik-June and the word “features” but I’ll elaborate in a little while.




When I first saw the line-up for this special strand concerning “everyday life” I was delighted to see that “Breathless 똥파리 / Ddongpari” had been included.  Perhaps almost simultaneously I noted that actor, and indeed the director of the film, Yang Ik-june was to attend this LKFF 2018 – Actually, this was all pretty much announced at the Press Launch I attended.  Of course, this was all very carefully planned, not least to coincide with the Premiere of “The Poet and The Boy” in which he stars, directed by Kim Yang-hee.

Having loved Breathless for sometime now [after all it had been pretty prominent over in the UK and London, the city I’ve resided in for quite a few years… a little over 10 years in fact] I was very happy to see its return, and the return of Yang Ik-june.

Mr Yang Ik-june mentioned in at least one of his talks / Q & A’s at this year’s festival that it had been 10 years since the UK Premiere of the film [and that he was sitting alongside the same translator, the brilliant Seh, even back then… and was, AGAIN, this time!] – Now, the film, “Breathless” featured in the London Korean Film Festival 2009, so we imagine he was referring to that.  I mean, unless it had Premiered a few months prior to that, i.e. at the London Film Festival he must have been referring to the LKFF2009.

Breathless returned to the UK at least twice after that, and both times, I believe due to the Terracotta Far East Film Festival (due in part, surely, to the fact that Terracotta Distribution were responsible in the UK for its release, on DVD, Special Edition DVD etc).  In fact, maybe it was at their festival where it was Premiered.  You can check, I’m sure…

So, without further ado, here is what I am referring to when I state “… Three Features with Yang Ik-june”.  Although there are not 3 Feature Films with Yang Ik-june linked to them in this year’s London Korean Film Festival, there are 3+ Features, as in ‘Articles’ available here on, BUT they do relate to 3 different films.  Incidentally or Ironically, 2 of these titles Feature both Yang Ik-june AND Kim Kkobbi… Can you see which are those 2?

The articles are:

MMM’s review of “Breathless”:

MMM’s article / review of “A Quiet Dream”:춘몽-film-review-quiet-quaint-quirky/

MMM’s articles concerning “The King Of Pigs”:



And so…

Let’s move swiftly on to the REAL reason for writing this article.

Kim Kkobbi… OR Kim Kkot-bi…

Heard of her?

You will probably have seen her in one or two, or indeed many, Korean films if such movies are what you are into.  A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting Kkobbi, hanging around with Ms Kim and interviewing this unique individual.  Not only this, I’ve met up with her in Korea a few times and even inadvertently bumped into Kkobbi at a film festival in that fine country.

Talking about the fact that you may have seen her in Korean movies – and actually in Japanese ones, other foreign ones and even British ones – I was extremely pleased to see that 3 of the films she stars in are in this year’s London Korean Film Festival!

Breathless was a sure thing – she is definitely IN that… the main femlae lead, in fact.  However, I had to check on the facts of my first thought, of her being in 3 of this year’s featured films.  Yep, I had to double check my first thoughts, and with a little further investigating I came to realise Ms Kim Kkobbi was indeed in 3 of the films in the the #LKFF2018’s “Special Focus: A Slice of Everyday Life“.  Am I repeating myself?  Maybe.

Those films are:




Incidentally, you can read my interview with the director of “THIS CHARMING GIRL”, Mr Lee Yoon-ki here:

Anyway, this article is mainly about Ms Kim Kkobbi, films starring her and links to articles relating to Kkobbi herself [sorry, Mr Yang and Mr Lee], and so, here they are:

You can find our REVIEW of it here:






Well, that is about all for now and on the ‘everyday life’ / Kkobbi / Ik-june subject.  However, the LKFF festival is only a little over half-way through now, and there are still lots of films and events to come, not to mention those alone which relate to the “Special Focus: A Slice of Everyday Life”.

More information can be found elsewhere on and also via the #LondonKoreanFilmFestival website, and the #KoreanCulturalCentreUK one…: