Did you read the recent news?


Did you read this article from @MiniMiniMovies recently?:


Well, whether you did or not this article is also dedicated mostly to Terracotta Distribution again because they have another BRILLIANT deal on!

In fact, if you receive Terracotta Distribution’s monthly email newsletter you may have noticed some exciting news and therefore words.

This, below is what they advise us (but what they don’t tell readers is that the £1.99 offer has STARTED EARLY! Yay!)…:

Well, this podcast of MMM’s (or Jason Verney’s, to be more specific!) details this £1.99 limited time offer from Terracotta Distribution, including the fact that the deal seems to have begun early.

In this podcast, the release of PARK Chan-wook‘s “Joint Security Area” / “J S A” / “공동경역비구  is also touched on as is other offers which often come to iTunes!

Finally, and below this embedded podcast, are one last words of reiteration (& taken from the article mentioned at the start of this post…)

If it wasn’t for Terracotta Distribution (and the 5 editions of Terracotta Far East Film Festival over the years) I may not have honed in on Asian cinema, nor specifically Korean films and ultimately the culture of the Koreas [and more so still, my trips to South Korea, the film work I do and the many friends I’ve made].

Terracotta Distribution, along with Third Window Films and Asian / East Asian themed film festivals – and mainly the London Korean Film Festival – have taught me so much.  However, it’s not just lessons in life and Asian film, they enabled me to be able to purchase and own DVD’s throughout the last decade – including Collector’s Editions and their exclusive extras. Incidentally, they still sell DVDs.

You only have to look at MiniMiniMovie.com or search and you’ll find many an article about Terracotta, & here are some of those articles: https://miniminimovie.com/tag/terracotta/ – In doing so though, you’ll also no doubt stumble across details of how they (and Third Window Films, Arrow Films & so many other independent distributors) were hit by the riots at the beginning of this decade [2011].

And with these words MMM bids you farewell and trust that you be Jolly Safe Always (J S A).